Stephen Hawking's Final Theory On Many Worlds

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Sex Edu 2.0: Rape Porn Race And Gender In Asperger Scientistic Analysis Wielding Occams Razor

What is your sexual fetish, your kinkiest perversion? Are you a pedophile for enjoying blondes...

Jordan I Want My Money Peterson Distorts Science For Alt-Right Market Niche While Pleasing Jews And Academic Overlords

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Scientist Support Greatest RAP Legend Genius Kanye West For President Of The United States Of America

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Dr. Sascha Vongehr [风洒沙], physicist and philosopher, studied phil/math/chem/phys in Germany, obtained a BSc in theoretical physics (electro-mag) & MSc (stringtheory) at Sussex University... Read More »

Any justification is fundamentally deception because there is no link from fundamental meaninglessness to why I should go on living. My a priori finding myself embodied in a world and the necessary physical causal creation myth involving emergence by algorithmic evolution necessitates my finding myself evolved to keep on living as one main irrational basis underlying all my rationalizations (for any evolved observer in any possible world).
I start with Bio-Evo (~580 words) although the Phil/Evo aspects (~890 words) are more fundamental. The latter are likely too difficult for most – but I encourage you to try - the issue of “holocaust denial” makes it at least entertaining.


Among the great apes, slavery is natural in all the races of the human (H). We should not be surprised about our personal slave behavior, as it comes natural. This co-evolution, or denied “back-reaction” of environment on the sub-systems is a general mechanism, consistently producing the denial of it, for example similar with rape:


You cannot make this up; as a movie this would be too cliché, unbelievable. Antifa and Jews are laughing hysterically. The Heimbach story was already a pretty good laugh. That revolutionary right wingers at the forefront of the movement are literally overweight neck-bearded trailer park trash knocking up each others’ step moms in their squeaking mobile homes – again, a movie plot depicting this reality would be rejected as too cliché. But the Heimbach story is nothing compared to what came to light these days.
Relativity is a form of symmetry and for that reason already of fundamental importance for science. Symmetry means: You can change something in some quite fundamental way, for example rotate the whole circle, and yet, the result is in some other important way the same, the circle is in all ways we can notice as it was before the rotation. The law of the conservation of energy is such symmetry: We transform local chemical energy into non-local kinetic energy and back, yet its mass stays the exact same throughout. We usually call ‘Relativity’ a symmetry that involves transforming the observer/describer and his perspective. They are mainly:
Energy is not a substance, not something in the sense of “some thing”. Energy often appears to be a substance that flows, for example if charging a battery or an electrical capacitor. When charging, also electrons flow into these devices, but as many electrons flow out of the device. Nevertheless, there is something flowing into the device, namely energy. Moreover, the charged electrical capacitor is a tiny little bit more massive, more heavy than before, because an amount of energy E has always the mass m given by the famous equation E = m c2.
Trigger Warning [general trigger warning]: My analysis of the current situation is deeply concerning, but there is some hope. As an autistic abnormal of that kind, I try perfecting consistency in my interpretations, insisting on self-critical scientific method – also in all of the following. However: