In 1917, Kelly Miller (scientist) published an open letter to President Woodrow Wilson in the Baltimore Afro-American against lynching, which he called "national in its range and scope," and called the government's failure to stop it "the disgrace of democracy." He also stated “It is but hollow mockery of the Negro when he is beaten and bruised in all parts of the nation and flees to the national government for asylum, to be denied relief on the basis of doubtful jurisdiction. The black man asks for protection and is given a theory of government." It was circulated as a pamphlet in the camp libraries of the US armed forces for about a year until "the department of military censorship" ordered it removed because it "tended to make the soldier who read [it] a less effective fighter against the German."


Arabs, in order to befriend me, a German, told me, indeed the first thing they uttered after inquiring about my origin, that they like Adolf Hitler. Adolf is more important even than German engineering for the high respect accorded to German individuals in most of the world, be it by area or population, and increasingly so, by area and population. Throughout the world there is a strong revival of Antisemitism and increasingly one finds the evaluation that "Hitler did nothing wrong". However, in spite of my many limitations and poor knowledge, I tend to dare disagreeing somewhat, and in one particularly important and interesting aspect, I think that most can agree about that Hitler should have proceeded differently (you are all free to comment if you think I am wrong and should not write suchlike; perhaps I will once again apologize and retract one more of my many mistakes).


The Ashkenazim Jews are an amazing phenomenon of emergence, of higher order self-organization, self-creation of super-systems in general Darwinian evolution, the most interesting of the ape races due to how they co-evolved with recent social systems. Being vastly outnumbered and dispersed (!) rather than isolated by location (which is often thought crucial for speciation), the Jews have in a mere few thousand years increased their average intelligence by a whole standard deviation! That is f'n amazing, as far as the difference between North-East Asians and White Caucasians on one hand and Negroid races on the other, a division that is the largest known difference there is otherwise in the intelligence among the races and which has been there more or less since at least the ice ages (a conservative estimate, not taking into account the refutation of “Out of Africa” pseudo-science or research suggesting that such traits as aggressiveness or intelligence maybe correlated with pigmentation in much of biology - I have that link somewhere in previous articles here).


The process is as violent as any Darwinian selection in biology, and the true deep beauty is how the apes, all believing to do whatever else, function so well in driving the process. Again and again and again, the higher IQ individuals get away and often interbreed with the elite in the next place, most recently with Germans, thereby making the Ashkenazim Jew, thus producing some of the most impressive cognitive systems this planet has ever seen, such as Albert Einstein revealing how higher dimensional geometry can be a dual description to dynamic time. Again and again and again, just as with breeding intelligent dogs such as BC and golden retrievers, or better, like basically anyway anything in biology and also still with much of social evolution, those who do not make it outnumber those who do, and their fate is usually not pretty. Whatever the hell you believe about what happened especially over the last couple of thousand years again and again and again (some find more than 300 separate instances in a diverse range of locations), one fact stands rock solid: The most intelligent and prosperous and influential apes centrally involved in it were the Jews, but this is not at all similar to blaming the high IQ Asperger autistic boy for triggering his bullies. Nobody listens to what freckle-Frank has to say, and he has no culture teaching him his autistic ways for hundreds of generations either. Today, the Ashkenazim Jews’ influence on what apes think is stronger than ever before, throughout academia and the media and much more, and the result is Antisemitism. Describing this as a failure of verbal IQ would be a symptom of poor scientific education, especially concerning evolution. Deception is very efficient and of utmost importance throughout nature; our social structures are merely an illustrative example. Verbal intelligence co-evolved closely with (self-)deception, the opposite of science.


Jewish high achievement, for example SAT scores, has declined recently; perhaps Ashkenazim Jews interbred so “loosely” in the last two generations, some snicker “seduced by their own propaganda”, that their high average IQ will be diluted away soon. The whole JQ (Jew Question) may anyway soon become irrelevant as AI (artificial intelligence) arises. Nevertheless, many find Jewish influence to be consistently or increasingly harmful* (see remark at end) and aim to remove it once and for all. Hitler, according to the murky fragments of history that we are largely presented with, did not just help Jews to leave Germany but also drove the violent end of the Darwinian selection process, by directly even killing numerous Jews that were once again left behind to perish while more successful/rich/intelligent Jews moved on. Whatever you believe about that, I venture to claim that all can agree on that Hitler did not remove the remaining Jewish population by forcing them to intermarry with Germans!


Hitler’s understanding of race was underdeveloped and focused on "purity of races" rather than the dynamics of evolution. He did not know that the proverbial “deceptiveness of the Jew” is largely, perhaps even completely, a symptom of high verbal IQ. No matter the race, for example a specimen such as Obama (a roughly 75/25 Caucasian White/Negro mixture); high verbal IQ humans are usually highly deceptive and therefore successful in human society. For Hitler, Jewish genes were not mainly carriers of intelligence but of deceptiveness (and other assorted behavioral traits including how much an ape is bound to the location or nation it happens to be born in, but I do not think research has shown conclusive evidence for high Jewish ethno-centricity). If Hitler had been a proper scientific racist, he could well have instead insisted on absorbing all Jews, especially high IQ ones into his ‘Lebensborn’ breeding program. In this way, Hitler would have gotten those high IQ genes into the German elite gene pool, while simultaneously exterminating the Jewish race as an identifiable sub-population.

Even assuming that this would introduce more deceptiveness (as an independent trait different from IQ; otherwise you cannot breed more intelligent children at all without increasing deceptiveness!): First, the overall influx of genes would have been small even if absorbing all the Jews, and second, breeding means further selection of the desired properties in the next generations, were then deceptiveness could have been separated from IQ (again, under the assumption that the deceptiveness is not largely  a side effect of high verbal IQ – you know, the kind of IQ that makes good lawyers getting murderers back onto the streets or innocent people behind bars).


Again, if you, as I suspect many in Western(ized) parts, dislike my not agreeing with Hitler here, or my encouraging of science education, or if you think that intermarrying people of different races is wrong and what Hitler perhaps did was better, you are welcome to tell me, and if you are more enlightened than me, maybe I take it all back. I am open minded and know that honest science education for example is an existential threat for the established status quo, and perhaps there is nothing better than what is done now with, for example, Negroes (deceiving them about the opportunities they supposedly have in order to exploit them for votes, abusing them in unsuitable school systems, stuffing them into jails, …).


I started this article with Kelly Miller also in order to better remark on that “many find Jewish influence to be consistently or even increasingly harmful*”. They, for example, think that Big Oil/Money [the richest firms not only Jewish but also deriving straight from the cotton trade (!)], “Hollywood” (and similar brain-washing media), and also more direct power (e.g. the US state department) today are at the center of global decay and war, all far more severe than, again just for example, the Jews’ pushing slavery of Negroes into the Christian culture (whose main distinction from other such religions is the nature of Jesus and thus clear rejection of such). I am not allowed to utter opinions about such, because, if for example I simply point out that no Jews helped the Quakers stopping slavery, I might be called an anti-Semite, but if I do the opposite and agree that it was bad to remove the protection by benevolent cotton farmers and toss the Negroes out into competition with apes of much higher average IQ in an environment that the Negroes are not evolved for, nobody would thank me for agreeing with the Jews who did not help Quakers, perceiving their quest as harmful (although, the Jews also did not argue against the Quakers, but simply, cleverly, hedged their bets). So, I cannot take sides on these far more difficult issues, but Kelly Miller, a Negro and fellow scientist, has written on such in “Race Adjustment: Essays on the Negro in America” (1909). His father, also Kelly Miller (and obviously proud of this name), was a free Negro who served in the army, the army of many intelligent free Negroes’ choice: The Confederate army!


Straw-Man: Dude, I mean, I kind of get it, because I know you, but I don’t think almost anybody “normal” understands what you did here, starting with the really disgusting title, but especially just now – I mean, come on!


What? I am not sure what you mean. Look, in plain-text the ending summarized: Me here, the three solid decades AntiFa anti-fascist against fascism, lifelong progressive progressing progressively and thus beyond all reproach, pleads please dear Nazis, stop blaming the Jews for not freeing the Negroes while on the other hand you yourself are so full of hate and evil, surely you want to enslave the Negro again yourself, and that is just so f’n inconsistent, isn’t it? You Nazis are just really bad, bad boys, no, bad men, men basically, and totally unscientific and inconsistent racist dark skin hating anti-Semitic baaaastards. Can I go in peace now?


Straw-Man: O.K., fine, you had to make it worse, of course, suit yourself and your damn pride mate. Forget it. You will see what comes of it – but don’t come running to me in tears again blaming apes for being apes. You know better than most anybody that their intelligence is not evolved to help them but rather to deceive them especially in these matters.