How People View Each Other in Academia
    By Sascha Vongehr | August 10th 2011 09:46 PM | 5 comments | Print | E-mail | Track Comments
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    I am not a big fan of re-posting others' stuff, but this gem seems to be hard to get and it is not just funny, but actually true, meaning that if you are for example an undergrad and you want to know how the postdoc feels about you, here is your answer.

    Of course, the PI sees only the female undergrads that way (if they are male and straight), but nevertheless, yes they do! And the one with the postdoc perceiving the technician: the technician is the one telling the secret, the postdoc is the one whose eyes are opened.

    Sure - this is biased from a technicians perspective, but their perspective is somewhat elevated actually, and they see scientific academia as what it is and as it is depicted here: A kindergarden.

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    Matus Sotak (@biomatushiq)


    A long time ago I was installing a proprietary Unix IC Design system at a local University, and was amazed that they had decompiled the kernel, and changed the hard-coded IP address, months before we were to release an OS update which accomplished the same.

    As I expressed my surprise to the Prof in charge, he dismissed it with a comment that "that's what his PhD Students were for, slave labor".

    I was still impressed!
    Never is a long time.
    I like how you seedeeper meanings to that pic. Even more that I intentionally wanted to give. However, subconcious is working :)

    Is a higher resolution version available?
    Robert H. Olley / Quondam Physics Department / University of Reading / England
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    I was a productive molecular biology lab tech, so the the "seen by technician" matches my experience. Professors were also frenetically busy.
    Perhaps the table could be expanded to include secretary.
    Robert H. Olley / Quondam Physics Department / University of Reading / England