Dowsing Rods Instead Of Science In German Universities
    By Sascha Vongehr | December 9th 2011 03:59 AM | 9 comments | Print | E-mail | Track Comments
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    This straight from Ulrich Berger, Austrian Science blogger, freely translated from his article “Wunschelruten an der Hochschule”, because it is just too darn funny not to be known internationally – you know – and also to make sure Germany can again be recognized as a very special place regarding the sciences:

    The advantage of a hazelnut rod, which in earlier times was liked to be used, is the possibility to attach test-nodes (Testnosoden) at the tip. This allows to search more aimed at different oscillation patterns. […]

    On the picture, visible on my left pinky finger, there is a polarization ring made from ferrite material; this serves the determination of polarization, which means, whether the water vein spins right or left handed.

    This is from a diploma dissertation presented to the faculty for landscaping architecture at the University Weihenstephan-Triesdorf in Bavaria near Munich. The German diploma is equivalent to the Master level internationally. No, it was not forwarded to the campus health center’s mental health division in order to ensure that the student receives all the help he needs. Professor Doctor F. Luz evaluated with the highest possible grade. In fact, that student now uses his 'dowsing expertise' to earn a living – no, not relieving ladies with too many cats of their money either, but with urban planning, as far as I can see, paid for by the German tax payer. Well, better than funding drones to shoot up weddings in second world countries any day; I am not complaining or nuthin.

    This was two years ago. Everything sorted out now? You bet. The university has officially opened the course “Landscape aesthetics&geomancy and Feng-Shui in Landscape Architecture”. Professor Luz is responsible, and he found another one, Diploma certified Engineer S. Broennle, who teaches whenever Luz is out in the field with his dowsing rod. According to all we know, grades will be established with pendulum and Ouija board.

    This is basically updating the article Germany ranks first in Internationalism, remember, the one where I told you the “secret” about that studying in Germany is still mostly for free? Now you don’t even need to care about the stupid science that traditionally was in the way of academic degrees. Pack your stuff, lazy students of the world.

    Yes, well, one could also see it as an update of the article Germany Abolishes Itself of course.


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    McDonald’s hopes to offer its own PhD

    So you see, Sascha, Germany has a way to go before you overtake us in stupidity!

    Robert H. Olley / Quondam Physics Department / University of Reading / England
    McDonald's hopes, but Germany has officially arrived. Though I am not sure about whether they also offer PhD already or only Diploma.
    Germany( and others!) were fooled by Greece's cooked accounting books when they let it into the Eurozone. Similarly, German universities (and those of just about every other country) occasionally reward bogus work.
    White collar dishonesty has become the disease of the new age.
    occasionally reward bogus work.
    We are talking a course on “ ... geomancy and Feng-Shui ... ” involving dowsing leading to an internationally recognized degree! Not occasionally - you can enroll today! It is a major scandal and needs to be shut down yesterday.
    Unfortunately dowsing DOES work, as many sane civil engineers will testify. Try it yourself in a friends back garden, and then look to see where the drains are. How about being a scientist and work out why!

    Unfortunately the incorrect belief of otherwise sane engineers is not scientific evidence.

    It's not hard to run into water in a region where there's so much of it that drains are built into the streets. What would be more convincing is to dowse out in the middle of Death Valley, blindfolded. A word of caution: It won't count if the dowser looks... and looks... and keeps looking, until all the places where there isn't any water are progressively eliminated.

    What a subject Dowsing.
    Dowsing is not at all limited to like finding water, power lines, etc. Dowsing is only limited by you. Dowsing can be used to locate, find anything or persons, etc. Though it is not everybody can Dowse. Is it a special skill, NO! I feel that it depends on the person frame of mind, you need to believe and accept. To be able to work with a blank mind and ask the question. Even for me some times I do not get the answer or direction to my question. Just think if Law Inforcement used rod?

    Just think if Law Inforcement used rod?
    Well, actually law enforcement uses rod quite a lot.