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    Syria is all the rage in discussions these days. Why? It isn't about people shooting each other - as Stephen Colbert said, if we cared about people being shot, we would invade Chicago. And it isn't about chemical weapons; the last time an American president listened to European intelligence on WMDs, it was about nuclear and chemical WMDs in Iraq.  And the guy who campaigned against President George W. Bush on Iraq is now using even less evidence to rationalize why we should go it alone in Syria, when Russia has made it clear that Cuban Missile Crisis is going to have a different ending this time.

    More importantly, why does it matter now? Syria was always portrayed by Democrats as a 'moderate' state, even though everyone knew they are Iran were funding terrorists.  And cemical warfare is nothing new; in 2009, British archaeologist Simon James found evidence that poison gas was used during a siege on the Roman-controlled city of Dura-Europos around AD 256.

    Toxic Gas First Used in Syria 1,700 Years Ago by Rossella Lorenzi, Discovery News

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