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What is spectroscopy ? (A) the observation of ghosts by infrared visors or other optical devices(B) the study of excited states of matter through observation of energy emissionsIf you answered (A), you are probably using a lousy internet search engine; and btw, you are rather dumb. Ghosts do not exist. Otherwise>
The asteroid Oumuamua ("scout from the distant past" in Hawaiian) was discovered on October 19, 2017 by astronomers at thr Pan-STARRS1 survey when it came close to Earth's orbit, within the orbit of Mercury, about a month after its closest approach to the Sun It was called an asteroid - but it may be a comet.Why the>
Nature is not just out to kill us, it is out to kill itself, in the interest of surviving over the long term. That is why even the most wholesome backyard organic garden is a hotbed of combat between plants and unseen microorganisms in the soil fighting for space to grow. To defeat a plant, a microbe might produce>
You know this already - given sufficient forward speed, a bicycle pushed sideways will not fall over. Since the bicycle was invented, scientists have postulated various reasons as to why a bicycle is self stable above a certain speed.  The consensus has been that a bicycle's stability is related to two factors>
This idea dates back to the Russians in the early 1970s. The surface of Venus is far too hot, and the atmosphere too dense, for Earth life. However, our air is a lifting gas on Venus with about half the lifting power of helium on Earth. A habitat filled with normal air will float high in the dense Venus atmosphere>
 Most people don't realize that light can take different shapes. In the fundamental mode, light energy is most intense at the center and gradually fades towards the edge of the beam. Light also has higher order modes. For example, the energy pattern can look like a donut, with most of the energy contained>