As Where on Google Earth #252 was somewhere I know well, having studied a course that was almost entirely dedicated to the tectonics of the region (which included a fieldtrip), I'm quite glad I managed to work it out.  The fan delta in the centre of the coastline shown is just one of many in the region, formed due to the interaction of the faults uplifting the mountains to the south and the sea.  There are also some spectacular outcrops of faults planes exposed in quarries, where the fault surface has been preserved due to its burial.  Perhaps the most spectacular example of this is in a similar tectonic setting to the north on the Gulf of Malia, at Arkitsa.

Anyway, on to WoGE #253.  The goal of WoGE is to find the location of the picture below from Google Earth.  The first one to post the correct answer in the comments below, along with a short description of the Geology wins.  The prize: the chance to host WoGE #254 on your blog!  Once again, we are indebted to Brian Romans of Clastic Detritus for the creation of this format.

Because I think this one is fairly easy, a classic location and a wide field of view, I am hereby invoking the Schott Rule.  That means that newbies should have a chance, previous winners have to wait before they post an answer.

WoGE #253

Good Luck!

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