A friend on a newsgroup went recently to see the "Creation" fim / movie.  He'd like to know what the folks on Scientific Blogging think of it (I presume it's being shown across the pond, also.)  He writes:

Dear All,
Went to see the film the other night. Not quite what I expected and to some extent disappointed as it was very much an interpretation of Darwin (and Huxley), which didn't always fit in with the biographies of Darwin I've read.

Specific points:
Huxley had a walk on part and the actor who played him made him look like a dwarf and a stooge to Hooker.

With what words he did say, I'm not sure whether many people would be able to differentiate between his anti-clericalism and an anti God stance.

I felt this overall impression that you got from the film about Darwin was that he was more strongly anti-God and anti-religion than he perhaps was.

His daughter Annie appears to him several times after her death and he converses with her.  Considering that in reality Darwin walked out of the only seance he attended I'm not sure this was suitable ploy for the film.

I felt Darwin was being shown as becoming delusional and at one point even starts breaking down the pigeon loft at Down House. I can't ever remember reading this happening or that Darwin was destructive other than dissection and reducing animals to their skeletons*.

It was obvious that some teachers had brought their A level groups. Not sure they would have got a balanced picture from the film alone.

Has anyone else seen the film yet?


*Wasps are doing that to a dead frog on my back lawn at the moment.