Two Armstrong EKG Readings - A Question Of Provenance

This article has been updated - please see:
One Small Step - Two Small Strips ( Or Maybe Three )

I recently posted an article: Neil Armstrong's Heartbeat - EKG Up For Auction.  Unsurprisingly many other news sources have featured the same story, after all, this is a unique item.

Or is it?  Maybe it is merely almost but not quite unique.

You see, PC mag has published the same news, but with a different image.

The item being sold by RR Auction and the item depicted by PC mag each purports to be Neil Armstrong's EKG as he stepped onto the Moon at 4:13:24:28.

Compare the RR Auction and the PC mag images.  Do you notice anything different about them?

Is there a battle of the provenances looming?

from PC mag

bump wiggle bump wiggle.

from RR Auction


EKG, ecg, electrocardiogram, electrocardiograph, call it what you will:  Neil Armstrong (presumably) did not have two hearts, and was never cloned.

What gives?

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