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I was away from the site for a while now. I have a good excuse for it since all this while- I got...

Understanding The Human Face

The human face is, by far, one of the most complex features that has stumped the scientists in...

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Coming from academia, my research areas includes organic synthesis, pharmaceutical chemistry and green chemistry. Lecturing, examining students, sitting for many study sections as a Reviewer for... Read More »

In the days of yore, organic chemistry was considered a branch of science that dealt with endless interactions involving carbon atoms as atomic and molecular interactive forces were not understood.
I am back from attending the February-scheduled ongoings of the International Year of Chemistry, IYC 2011, as all the chemists and chemical educators are preparing the usual science stuff-------- presentations, seminars, workshops, industrial visits and even short films.
The lure of the far-off land, the thrill of crossing the seven seas, the dream of studying in a foreign university is still the most sought after by many Indian students and scientists. Indian students who pursue their academic dreams overseas need to be mentally prepared to rough it up.

Most importantly, they need to follow a legitimate path in pursuit of money, excellence, and exercise necessary precaution to avoid getting duped, lest they have their wings clipped, their beaks bent, claws tagged, ankles radio-tagged and their flight monitored by immigration authorities.

Recently, the news of the Trivalley University hit headlines and most prominently the Indian students looking up to brighter opportunities abroad felt the heat. 

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Must say, now that's effective communication !

I love separation science, since it amuses me no end. As the coffee stain still lurks at my desk, reading through this article, the stain will be a mainstay at my laboratory. Okay, the hygiene issues will linger. Scientists at Harvard, California and Stanford universities have come up with use of coffee ring effect. A chromatography method that uses the same physics as the coffee stain: It separates nanometer- and micrometer-scale particles by size as a droplet dries. 

Just that I was recovering from a tooth ache and being lectured upon dental anesthetics, that I came across an interesting experiment on understanding pain. 

I hope this can alleviate the pain levels you had been ignoring for some while.