Environmentalists celebrated a huge milestone recently. An energy source they began to advocate after they successfully saddled lawsuit targets with the hydroelectric, natural gas, and biofuels they now sue to remove was able to power a whole country.

Unfortunately it was only for 0.06% of the time people want electricity.

That did not stop their political allies at NPR - your tax dollars at work! - from cheering, while absolutely being deceptive to the public in their headline. And then journalists wonder why the public trusts journalists down at the levels they trust Congress and other lawyers.

Greece was able to be 100% renewable so NPR can use weasel language to insist they are not lying - but it was only for 5 hours. On the other hand, a country that small could be 100% green energy with two nuclear power plants so the reality outside headlines is that solar can't even power a small country. Instead, over half the time they use...coal. And natural gas.

So-called renewables can't even power the 52nd country in energy use. They still use coal because without it, obscenely high energy costs in Greece would be even worse for the poor.

Environmentalists don't just deceive about other countries, they also heavily promoted California's claim to be 100% renewable - which did happen, for part of one day, but only in one state agency that controls California's energy supply and taxes the poor to subsidize its solar and wind politicization of science.  That 100% happened in the spring. When no one needs air conditioning or heat. If only Governor Newson could add onto tens of thousands of other regulations and mandate it always be spring in the state we'd be fine with solar. Instead, during his recall election a few months prior to declaring they were 100% renewable, the same agency claiming to be 100% renewable for part of one day asked EPA for exemptions to all emissions regulations so they could burn conventional fuel non-stop, which would exceed emissions regulations. 

Naturally, the Biden administration allowed it. Climate change mitigation is only for press releases and those rubes who vote without thinking, not rich elites in wealthy states.