For a candidate who insisted his opponent was colluding with Russians, it looks odd for President Biden to undo an environmental check Trump had placed on Russia - and will lead to unchecked CO2 emissions. 

The issue is the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which Russia wanted in order to exert more geopolitical control over Europe - a reliant neighbor is a docile neighbor - and which European politicians want because they can't have green domestic energy to keep the lights on without imported fossil fuels. In Germany, the natural gas spot market is wildly expensive for the public ever since they closed down their nuclear energy, and the country wants to make some of that money back by being the middle man for Russia with other Europeans who want to "greenwash" the money so they can't say they are buying directly.

It was effectively dead but then in May of 2021 President Biden flipped to the Russian side and, since Russia doesn't really have to think about environmental concerns, they rushed it to completion. Russian company Gazprom, which supplies 40 percent of Europe's natural gas, now wants the pipeline rushed to "approval" - and to do that, they are telling Europe that they can't send more energy than they do right now. Europe's choice is to go deeper inside the orbit of Russia or hope it's a mild winter.

They won't heat homes trying to convince people wind vanes and imported wood pellets are sound energy science.