The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has told California it must remove glyphosate cancer warnings from pesticide labels, saying the state’s Prop 65 labeling requirement for products with glyphosate is misleading, since no science studies have found any links to human cancers, including long-term studies of 50,000 ag workers.

The state is no friend to any science except climate change (and at one time human embryonic stem cells, which turned into a $3 billion waste of money for everyone here except the bureaucrat who got a $500,000 annual salary to manage a department the size of a small non-profit. 

Oddly, they do not ban coffee (which IARC flipped on and says does not cause cancer, just a chemical in it does) or alcohol (an actual class 1 carcinogen) but they were gleeful about trying to put warning labels on a common weedkiller.