A few years ago, it was common for Whole Foods to blatantly lie in its marketing. Now, "organic" food is a $125 billion Big Food segment so they no longer need to lie and claim they are 'healthier' than normal food, or lie and suggest they don't use pesticides. 

Organic zealots were even shocked when I revealed that certified organic food uses lots of genetic engineering - they simple use the genetic modification predecessor to GMOs, called Mutagenesis. A precise transgenic switch is Frankenfood but bathing seeds in chemicals and then blasting them with radiation to force random mutations is okay? Sure, if you are in organic food marketing.

When is it wholesome organic food versus an abomination of nature? When it is a rich European company doing the genetic modification. Like BASF and mutagenesis.

The reality behind European and American anti-science activists opposing GMOs is simply money. When Monsanto patented GMOs, they had already been used successfully for insulin, cheese, and to save the Hawaiian papaya when breeding and chemicals could not. But that success threated Mutagenesis made by, you guessed it, BASF. A European conglomerate. So they got government and the environmental groups they fund to create an artificial line between Mutagenesis and GMOs. Over a decade later, when President Clinton in his final days did a favor for fellow Democrats who believe in some supernatural power of food exempted Organic Food from real USDA oversight, the lobbyists on the NOSB he created exempted Mutagenesis but banned GMOs.

Organic food has made no one healthier. GMOs have never created so much as a stomach-ache. Not in any human, not in a single cow. Europeans simply created a mandate for a European company to block an American competitor which, ironically, is now a European company. If GMOs came out today, Europeans would rush to mandate them because the products would be owned by Bayer. They would instead insist CRISPR might contaminate their food supply.