Cultured Gallus gallus cells, with characteristics of myocytes and fibroblasts, don't sound delicious, but it one day soon could be.

It's chicken, except chicken without dreary activists going on about cages and without any heads being chopped off. And now it has FDA go-ahead. After looking at all of the data and the methodology, FDA has determined that it is as safe as chicken or other substitutes.

Given how it is created, it is likely far more safe. They call it 'cultivated' meat to distinguish it from its conventional counterpart and it is already approved in Singapore.

Credit: The Good Food Institute under CC-BY license.

Obviously, progressives in media colluding with the organic industry are opposed. It's hard to imagine being in favor of more dead chickens and higher emissions needed to grow animals but, hey, if the check clears those "A-Team" journalists at reliable outlets will do their job.