Once upon a time vaccine deniers were on the left and conspiracy theorists who felt government was out to control us using radio waves were on the right.

Now they have flipped. Welcome to political intelligence.

Environmental Health Trust, the brainchild of discredited zealot Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., thinks Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and especially 5G cell phone signals are killing us. The most bizarre part is he thinks cell phones were safer in the 1990s, when they emitted more radiation with more power.

Even then it was nothing. His fable was never able to overcome the obvious 'where are all the dead bodies?' problem. Their conspiracy theory rests on the belief that science is wrong. About everything. Non-ionizing radiation can still harm you, for example, even if it doesn't kill you. It's like another supernatural relic of the 1990s activist movement, "endocrine disrupting" chemicals behaving in homeopathic ways. Somehow.

If his worry about non-ionizing radiation is true, he should be suing light bulb manufacturers next. And cities with beaches. Nothing is safe from non-ionizing radiation.

But it is detectable. Yet so is the wings of a fly on the gravitational effect of the moon. Do you believe a fly is causing the moon to spin out of orbit because an effect is detectable? If so, Environmental Health Trust is willing to let you give them money.