Golden Rice, which was created by independent academics to produce higher beta-carotene, which means it will produce vitamin A and prevent blindness, is approved in places like the US and Canada, but let's be honest - we are rich nations. We don't need it. 

Other countries certainly do. Vitamin A deficiency kills 2,000,000 kids each year, and causes blindness in just as many. Why would Greenpeace oppose saving millions of kids in developing countries? Why don't they love children more than they hate science? 

Given their origins, a certain amount of white elitism is mixed in with their white savior complex - if science saves kids, Greenpeace can't take credit for it. So they have spent decades trying to scare the public, saying it will be more expensive (it isn't), that their food supply will be controlled by corporations (a lie, this was created by academics and donated) and that it doesn't work (what??).

While the Philippines government patiently listened to Greenpeace for years and years, eventually they got tired of western activists opposing this to the last dead child in their country. They are also set to prevent Greenpeace from engaging in eco-terrorism yet again, and destroying crops. 

It will take decades for Greenpeace to enter the 21st century but they should at least enter the 20th. Science won, scaremongering lost. And that is good for the poorest people who have paid the price for Greenpeace's war against science.