We're only two weeks into winter and a New York university is already declaring above-average temperatures in 2023 a result of global climate change. 

Cornell University scholars say 28 cities in the region have experienced top-five warm temperatures, but they cite claims from as far back as 1895. Thermometers were far less accurate and locations were inconsistent, being more like anecdotal gray literature than data, prior to the 1980s. Some of the claims make a little sense. How can Central Park in New York City have its highest temperature ever while the rest of Manhattan is not? Climate science isn't dismissed by a cold snap so it seems odd to claim that Williamsport, Pennsylvania having a higher average year is a crisis.

The northeast did have a warmer year, which is generally welcomed by residents. But the home of Harvard academia isn't going to welcome much science, we have learned how little science they know in 2023. Syracuse residents didn't mind having less snow, they had plenty of rain. A lot fewer accidents happen with less snow.

When I lived in New York City, we did have a blizzard. For New York City, anyway. Reading media accounts of the snow storm I was in was revelatory. I walked to breakfast. The entire restaurant staff was there. So you will not be surprised reading that because Central Park only had an inch of snow, New York City journalists will mobilize for action, despite being little we will do. Spending another $4 trillion on subsidized solar panels hasn't made a difference but like 'Israel should cease-fire and surrender to Hamas', solar panels seem to be the only thing progressive journalists will believe in

Climate change would be mitigated instantly if 2 billion poor people could get centralized energy - even if it was coal. Though partisan framing is that coal is ruining the planet, there are 16 million government employees just in America blasting 100,000 coal miners, the Godfather of Global Warming, Dr. James Hansen, noted that modern clean coal would stop climate change in its tracks.

Instead of listening to non-partisan experts, the Biden administration has echoed the Obama one and is determined to over-regulate and tax at home, while denying developing countries the centralized energy that would solve our emissions problem by getting billions of people off burning dung and wood for fuel in individual homes. Rich countries deny them the loans, because those countries say solar won't work. It doesn't even work in a government-controlled energy scheme like South Africa where $8.5 billion in subsidies led to one closed coal plant - and they still suffer power outages.

If we followed the science instead of the literal political winds keeping wind vanes blowing, climate emissions would plummet. Then journalists in New York City could go back to claiming every snowstorm is a Polar Vortex Cyclone Bomb Snowpocalypse, not lamenting that blizzards of their childhood that killed hundreds are gone.