In a meeting at Varanasi one emienent scientist pointed out that remember the nantional flag of India and remain healthy.I have due respect and regards to whatever meaning was ascribed to our founders of the nation but this write up is for associating the national flad colours to health food. I want to share with you what he said. He said our Natoinal flag has three colours 1. Kesaria ( somewhat reddish orange) at the top row. 2. White in the middle row 3. Green in the lower row 4. A spoke in the centre. Our body needs a variety of vitamins, minerals , and nutrients and what he said that if we take all these three colours in our diet regularly meaning thereby that a. Take orange, reddish , or coloured fruits which contain high amount of flavonoids and other vitamins . Reddish is rich in vitamin A. It will do good to our health. b. Whate colour reminds us of our bones and teeth which contain lot of calcium. Our body needs daily dose of Calcium to remain healthy which we can get from milk and milk products . It will keep our body strong. c. Green is colour of vegetables and salad that we need to provide us minerals. Iron , Magnesium , and micronutrients are obtained from green and leafy vegetables. Spoke or a wheel indicates movement and we should move our body a bit or do exercise at least walk a mile. If we follow the colours and message they may give we shall remain healthy and our nation will remain healthy.