SHEFFIELD, England, January 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Disenco Energy plc (TSX:DIS) today announces the appointment of Autocraft Industries UK as the volume engine manufacturer for its unique home energy producing and carbon footprint cutting appliance, HomePowerPlant. The appointment follows months of discussions with potential business partners with Autocraft, a subsidiary of Aftermarket Technology Corp. (NASDAQ: ATAC), being chosen because of its outstanding manufacturing facilities, expertise and engine-building track record for such customers as Aston Martin, Ford Motor Company and General Motors.

Autocraft's Grantham UK factory has extensive manufacturing capacity and is ISO 9000 compliant. The engine to be built by Autocraft is the powerhouse behind Disenco's dishwasher-sized appliance, which is capable of producing all the hot water and heating needs of an average family, as well as up to 70% of their electricity requirements at peak times. Full production begins in 2008.

HomePowerPlant has significant green credentials and offers a faster payback than solar panels or wind turbines. Sustained tests over the past twelve months also show it cutting the carbon footprint of an average UK home by up to 4 tonnes per annum. With the appliance generating electricity from low cost natural gas, users will be able to cut their energy bills by several hundreds of pounds each year, and excess electricity produced can be exported and sold to the national grid.

Homes fitted with HomePowerPlant will be able to beat the UK government's 2050 carbon targets by around four decades.

About Aftermarket Technology Corp.

ATAC is headquartered in Downers Grove, Illinois. The Company provides outsourced engineered solutions and supply chain logistics services to the light and medium/heavy duty vehicle aftermarket and consumer electronics industries. Autocraft Industries UK is a subsidiary.

About Disenco Energy

Disenco Energy plc ( is based in Sheffield, England, and has developed a revolutionary, carbon-footprint-reducing HomePowerPlant system as a direct replacement for a domestic boiler and converts waste heat into electricity for use in the home. Disenco's HomePowerPlant is a micro Combined Heat and Power unit ("m-CHP") and generates heat and electricity at efficiency levels in excess of 90 per cent, reduces consumer costs and could create independence from the National Grid. The system generates 15 to 18 kW heat and 3kW electrical power and is expected to reduce the average home's annual carbon emissions by between three to five tonnes. The Company is listed on the TSX Venture Exchange in Canada (EPIC:DIS) and plans to list on London's AIM market in Q2, 2008.

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