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- The Etoro Campaign in the Wake of the Report: President Elect Obama Will Explain to the General Public how to Protect Their Money in Times of Turbulent Markets.

Experts from Etoro, which specializes in foreign currency trading, conducted a survey, the conclusion of which determines that from October to December 2008, investors from all over the world have abandoned Wall Street for foreign currency trading.

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According to the Etoro experts, in the U.S.A., where the economic crisis began, a rise of 20 % in foreign currency trading has been recorded. In the U.K., a rise of 15 % in trading has been recorded over these two months. In Germany this trading increased by 10.4 %; in France, foreign currency trading increased by 9.2 % and in Italy by 8.1 %.

Following the data indicating that the trend amongst the large investors is to move over to foreign currency trading, a decision was taken at Etoro to set out upon a broad elucidatory campaign, in order to enlighten the public all over the world as to how to follow to footsteps of the large investors and to trade in foreign currency.

Initially Etoro will enable the user to trade through the Internet, using virtual foreign currency and, after learning the ropes, he will be too be able to join the only market that is raking in profits in this time of crisis.

The public enlightenment campaign will be figure headed by the image of President elect Obama under the slogan Yes We Can, with him recommending to the public to choose, during times of crisis, to earn dollars and Euros through foreign currency trading, instead of losing their money in the financial markets that are collapsing world wide.

The foreign currency market is the largest and most encompassing market in the world, and trades in volumes of 3 trillion dollars and has proven loyalty to its investors throughout time, explains Ron Brightman, VP at Etoro. In accordance with data gathered all over the world, the large investors, all over the world, have understood that the foreign currency market is the only market which did not participate in the current economic crisis, and is the only market that is capable of protecting the investor's money at the time of the storm.

Now, through Etoro, the general public throughout the world is also able to trade in foreign currency, to protect the value of its money and also to earn, Brightman explains.

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Contact: Sharur Media, Dekel Sharur, +972-544557367