DELFT, The Netherlands, April 28 /PRNewswire/ -- TASS, the vehicle safety specialist, is unleashing a rebranded website at The new web supports the launch of the company's new MADYMO V7.0 software. MADYMO is the industry-standard software for occupant safety design and virtual crash testing, renowned for its high speed and quality dummy models.

The slogan, Beyond Safe, TASS-safe, has been developed as the new branding concept of TASS, reflecting its pioneering work in developing virtual crash tests - where the real world and virtual reality literally collide. The rebranding exercise has been overseen by ElcaMedia (, a specialist multimedia agency headquartered in Hoofddorp, The Netherlands, which rebranded entire visual identity of TASS and redesigned the MADYMO software packaging.

The latest version of the MADYMO software goes the extra mile in helping engineers ensure that a vehicle meets increasingly stringent safety legislation, and can calculate a car's `star rating' for safety requirements such as Euro NCAP.

One historical weakness of the virtual safety testing process is that project teams use different specialist tools to simulate the response of the vehicle and the occupant safety aspects in crash situations. A headache when it comes to compatibility, cross-validation and data transfer. With the latest version of MADYMO, TASS offers the best of both worlds: automated coupling between its MADYMO occupant safety software and the major finite element analysis (FE) systems used for vehicle crash simulations.

Coupling brings the ability to use the same MADYMO dummy model in both restraint and vehicle structural design. As a result, one of the European manufacturers has reported a 25% reduction in the time taken to safety test a whole vehicle by adopting the coupling approach.

Today, coupling is available between MADYMO and LS-DYNA, PAM-CRASH, RADIOSS and ABAQUS. And a dedicated user interface means FE users don't need to learn MADYMO: they simply enter the desired model into a plug-and-play desktop application to run their chosen test.

With MADYMO V7.0, TASS customers can now purchase MADYMO 'tokens' to gear the type and number of MADYMO modules to their fluctuating simulation needs. For example, the tokens give access to modules that engineers would need only occasionally without having to purchase a separate license, providing maximum flexibility and value for money. Also, tokens that would normally be dedicated to prepost-processing can be used to temporarily increase simulation capabilities when needed.

What's more, in the latest version of the MADYMO software the Human Model has been extended with active muscles, helping safety designers to map and understand what happens with real people in real accidents so they can further enhance their safety system.

Notes for Editors: About TASS

TASS is the leading supplier of advanced safety design software solutions for the automotive, aviation and other transport industries. Building on over 30 years of experience in software development, safety engineering and crash testing, allows us to deliver world-class products and a wide range of engineering services to meet your safety requirements. Our aim is to make transport systems beyond safe. We want them to be TASS-safe. Tass is a part of TNO automotive.

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