KARLSRUHE, Germany, May 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Until now, RapidSolution Software AG has been known in the trade and on the basis of the Internet page http://audials.com as the manufacturer of Radiotracker, Tunebite and AudialsOne. With AudialsMobile Version 2, the company has now released a software which uses the mobile phone to record free music from social radios directly per UMTS.

Individual purchases are expensive - and a music subscription often doesn't pay

Studies have shown that many consumers are occasional listeners, who listen to different amounts of music depending on their mood. Traditionally, music is consumed at home and in the car, but increasingly also through a mobile telephone. However, occasional listeners find that a impulsive purchase of individual items in Online Shops quickly hits the wallet. A music subscription with a fixed monthly fee adds up over the course of a year and generally only pays if used on a continuous basis. For consumers with lower incomes subscriptions represent a financial commitment and consumers may feel guilty if they are not using the subscription for some time. In tough economic times, there is a demand for alternatives.

How can I get music for my mobile phone without stretching my wallet?

The new mobile phone software AudialsMobile answers this question with two simple clicks. Simply select an artist and song after starting AudialsMobile and start recording the selected songs from one of the connected social radios on the internet.

Use UMTS flat rate and WLAN properly at home

3G or UMTS flat rate tariffs only make sense if they can be used properly. In addition to the common downloading of e-mails and surfing on the Internet, AudialsMobile can now supply UMTS mobile phone holders with music free of charge. AudialsMobile is the first software which can supply Nokia, Samsung and LG mobile phones with Symbian S60 3rd and 5th Edition operating systems and UMTS flat rates with free music around the clock. Another special feature - AudialsMobile can be used at home with DSL connection within a WLAN network even without a UMTS connection.

Function, transparency and uniqueness

AudialsMobile is the only mobile phone software that can play and record musical selections from social radio websites. In Germany and month other countries, it is permitted to record songs from legal sources, such as social radios, in the form of private copies. Using AudialsMobile, users always maintain an overview of indicated social radios from which selected music should be recorded.

The user enters the first letters of the artist's name. AudialsMobile will then recommend well-known artists. Following the selection of an artist, the user can then select the song to be recorded from the social radios.

A unique feature continues to be the option of adding additional social radios by installing plug-in for recordings, and hence add any number of radios for recording purposes. AudialsMobile features a an open plug-in interface, so that the user community has already developed plug-in for many social radios.

Freeware and premium version

AudialsMobile can be obtained from RapidSolution without requiring a and free of charge, complete with two recordings per day and for an unlimited time period at http://audials.com/mobile. The premium version does not have a limit of daily recordings and is offered at the introductory price of EUR 9.90 at RapidSolution and leading Online Shops for mobile software. The standard price for the premium software licence has been designated at EUR 19.90 after the introduction period. AudialsMobile can be downloaded directly with a mobile phone on the Internet using the link http://audials.com/getmobile.

About RapidSolution

RapidSolution Software AG is a leading company for entertainment software. Solutions by RapidSolution are available online at Audials.com or at retailers worldwide. Popular brands include AudialsOne, Tunebite, Radiotracker as well as MP3videoraptor. In Germany and Britain, Radiotracker Platinum is the most widely sold PC software after GfK and the most widely sold software in France and Japan for free music recordings per wish list from web radios. With its slogan Unterhaltung cool clever (Cool Clever Entertainment), current products of the Audials brand of RapidSolution Software AG stands for innovation of tomorrow at prices of yesterday.

RapidSolution Software AG, Erbprinzenstrasse 27, 76133 Karlsruhe, Germany

Contact: Norman Foerderer - Email: press@audials.com

Contact: Norman Foerderer - Email: press@audials.com