Between physicists - there's an Easter bunny! Last Friday I went to Oslo, you know, the capital of Norway and home of the Vikings, to meet experimental physicist Tommaso Dorigo. Tommaso, who writes A Quantum Diaries Survivor  here on Science 2.0 had a few days earlier announced that he planned a visit to my country and asked for advise on what to see with his family while he was here.

Normally I would have done like my ancestors who first settled in this neck of the ice, not wood, I would follow the ice and snow up to our cabin. At Easter the cities are deserted here in Norway. When spring finally arrives around Easter time, most of us migrate to the mountains where we can find the precious snow and ice. Well, this year I stayed home to work so when Tommaso called out for help, I could actually meet him as well, not only provide tips on what to see in Oslo.

I am a theoretical astrophysicist and it is always a pleasure talking to other physicists even if they are doing experiments. (Sorry Tommaso, I am indoctrinated to say these things. I wouldn't be able to do much physics of any sorts anymore as it's been so longs since I was into the details of things. :-)) Tommoaso and I schedule a meeting on Good Friday.

As readers of Science 2.0 know, Tommaso is not only a talented scientist working at both CERN and Fermilab, but he also masters the arts of reaching out to the public with rather complicated research. When the owner of Science 2.0 realized there might actually be a meeting between two of his writers, Hank, the science editor who himself writes faster than his pen's shadow, immediately demanded a Bloggy moment. He also used the opportunity to educate me and helped expand my English vocabulary with the word:  Schmooze.

When Tommaso, his lovely family and I finally met in Oslo, the unusual warm weather had disappeared and unfortunately only offered a freezing experience of the fabulous Vigeland sculpture park. There would have been more footage and even some physics talk in the video we made were it not for the gelating experience we had to edure.

So know this Hank; we almost caught a frostbite capturing the Easter bunny. The Easter bunny who by the way had brought Hepatica Nobilis for the occasion. We,  two phyisicists with a Easter bunny in between. all greet you and our common friend Bloggy,

The things we do for you Hank - and Bloggy!

It was actually a great pleasure to take a stroll in the park, but it is definitely Tommaso's warmer Venice next! :-)