I have been lagging behind lately with my usual browsing of other physics blogs. So let me catch up here and suggest a few posts which should be interesting to read.

  • Peter Woit is always an extremely well-informed source of information. In a post titled "The Entropy Decade" he recently discussed how the 2010s appear to show a trend: entropy appears to be a concept that will yield more information about the universe and fundamental physics. In another he has a wealth of information on recent articles and sources.
  • Michael Schmitt discusses alignment and length scale issues in a recent enlightening post.
  • Resonaances (okay I know everybody knows his real name by now, but I still respect his failed attempt at anonymity) discusses the recent direct searches for dark matter as he puts his eyes on Xenon .
  • Marni Dee Sheppeard is still not back to blogging mood after spending some time in the wild. Never mind: her blog is full of riches for whom wants to seek!
  • Chad Orzel asks you what is the coolest thing to do with a laser.
  • Louise Riofrio talks about Lakes on Mars.
That is all for today. A short list, but I will have more links in a few days.