Recently two Transgender women were shot to death because they made a wrong turn and did not listen to or possibly did not understand the commands of the guards at the gate of the NSA.*  That was unfortunate.  The tragedy is in a day and age where the non PC complain that people are too PC and the PC proclaim that they are sensitive major media continue to identify those two as "men dressed as women".  With the notable exception of Reuters, all other media did not even mention the chance they were trans. 
Maya aka Ricky Shawatza Hall was a 27 year old transgender person not unlike myself at that age.  I had fewer run ins with the law but basically they were like me.   When there is a chance someone is transgender the polite thing to do is to use the gender neutral they in place of he or she unless that person makes a definite preference known.  IF they aren't then only a psycho would be insulted by being called "they" or "them".

We should not be too quick to label them as transwomen... many people who embrace a non-binary gender identity don't fully identify with one or the other gender 100% or 100% of the time.   I for one Identify as more two-spirited, I am comfortably non binary mentally if not in presentation. 

This is not the first time I have had to sound this call. 

Major media, especially those so proud of progressiveness or who have more than one gay anchor man... really should be more aware of this issue by now.