This morning I was on the nationwide agriculture radio program, AgriTalk, hosted by Mike Adams.

This is the rational Mike Adams, not the "Health Ranger" conspiracy theorist. Mike brings up all of the key points - that people simultaneously say they want to embrace science but then pick and choose the science that matches their other cultural beliefs, that over-regulating food in ways that don't impact safety are a slippery slope to damaging the engine that drives the country, and that we're in danger of being spoiled a little by cheap food, to such an extent we might start to think it is okay not to have domestic food regarded as vital.

Of course, he is making larger points - that we take food for granted and that agricultural wealth means people start thinking about other things in our 'hierarchy of needs' - idealized goals rather than practical ones. We have created an agricultural industry that is so powerful that we believe that any level of regulation and micromanagement won't harm our productivity.

Tree limbs only bend until they break. Losing sight of that is a perilous road to take. My spot begins at 00:30.