I read an article in Men's Health talking about how women get aroused during exercises.

Specifically, hanging leg raises. "Coregasm" they called it, because some women can, apparently, have an orgasm while doing these exercises.

Aside from the fact that it's a really cool term, I was a little jealous. Men need to do some real work to climax. Sure, we all know women have it easier in that regard, much like they have it easier than men in all aspects of life, but women can get off while exercising now? As if they need any more advantages. Anyway, I had never heard of it and I have dated some fit women, including a few for whom I am certain sex was just another way to "feel the burn." I never had one tell me she could could get off while lifting weights though.

So I decided to do some investigating. As most of you are aware, I am something of an expert on female orgasms, and not just because my intellect and humor are the causes of more web-based rubouts than Brad Pitt and George Clooney combined. It's also because I do the research. You'll recall I wrote an article on whether the Theta waves in female orgasms would kill men and I even reverse engineered the female orgasm including how a calibrated vaginal stimulator works, for those of you unlucky enough to have never dated a scientist.

So I am the perfect person to answer this question for you. It turns out there may be some science in this, though I think most female orgasms usually involve a combination of alcohol and magic.

First, we have to know why some women don't have orgasms to know why some do.   A lack of orgasms during intercourse with non-scientists is quite common - around 50% of women don't have them that way. Most studies agree that orgasms correlate to the contraction strength of the pubbococcygeus, or PC muscle. Women who don't have orgasms tend to have weak PC muscles.

The pubbococcygeus muscle is surrounded by four other pelvic muscles but they work as a system. A healthy PC muscle, the kind a woman who does a lot of ab exercises or hanging leg presses probably has, is very rigid while a weak one is not.(1)   A strong PC muscle makes these orgasms much easier.

That means a woman with a strong PC muscle can have an orgasm almost any time this muscle is stimulated. Abdominal exercises, friction from clothing, reading this article.

But why would it be limited to just the gym? I thought. "Coregasms" are fine but truly fit women can do it anywhere.

Watching An Inconvenient Truth, for example, might give them a "Gore-gasm."

Standing outside Tiffany's? A "Store-gasm."

Graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows? A "Smore-gasm."

Women have it so easy and I could go on all day. But you have other things to do and I need to go buy a trampoline with all of the money this research is going to make me.

Miss Earth 2006 is enjoying her Goregasm even now.


(1)  Men, I would rather light a candle than curse your darkness - if you want to help her, the PC muscle is located about 2 inches within the vagina and runs circularly. Bonus: it contains most of the nerve endings in the vagina and is the primary source of sexual feeling, so even you can't mess this one up.