Its my opinion that the current economic conditions were brought on by high gas prices. I believe if we can consume less fuel we can stabilize the price of gasoline and our economy. If we do nothing we will have contributed to our failing economy. Here is a solution we can implement right now, saving money and improving our economy.
   I have doubled my gas mileage. If you have improved your mileage and want to share your designs or ideas please post. If you are an idiot and think it is impossible to improve gasoline mileage don't waste our time.
   Would you like to double your gas mileage? Its a simple process but first lets look at the molecular structure of gasoline. Gasoline is full of hydrocarbons which are dense if we were to look at the structure of gasoline it would look like a two by four squat and long. Not the best structure for vaporizing. The best structure for vaporizing would be round and fluffy like a cloud or a piece of popcorn.
   The secret formula for improving gas mileage would be to change the molecular structure and create some space between the dense hydrocarbons resulting in better vaporization and a cleaner burn or explosion using most all the gasoline. Here are a couple of ways to accomplish this that I am using.
   The first is changing the molecular structure. This can be accomplished by adding 1 to not more than 3 ounces of acetone to 10 gallons of gasoline. Over 3 ounces and you will see diminished returns. You don't want to spill it on your paint or anything else. Diluted in your gasoline the same dissolving properties in smaller quantities clean the carbon out of your engine and improve your mileage. Some gasoline additives use acetone in their formulas. It is safe in the quantities diluted in the gasoline. I am very happy with the results myself and others have seen an increase in our gasoline mileage.
   There are other chemicals that have similar properties. Now what this will do is clean the carbon out of your engine basically bringing your motor up to new specs, this in it self will improve your mileage. The addition of this chemical will also act as a lubricant to the gasoline molecular structure in effect fluffing the structure producing better vaporization.
   The second way is to increase the gasoline temperature. Gasoline vaporizes at 140 degrees if you raise the temperature of the gasoline to say 200 degrees the gasoline will vaporize faster in the combustion chamber resulting in a better burn and improved gas mileage. With both of these techniques implemented you will see vast improvement in your overall gas mileage. With fuel injection I heat my gas right off the manifold into the injectors in a liquid state. It's an invention I created out of scrap copper, but anyone can do it. There is no reason you can't double your mileage with a little effort and knowledge.
   High gas mileage is easily obtainable, just keep in mind it is cumulative effect of multiple system improvements. In 1976 Shell Oil Engineers put together a car that got over 300 miles per gallon. I've got photos of that engine and with some reverse engineering it is easy to see how they did it. They heated the engine and the gas with some other modifications. That was in 1976, over 32 years ago, we can do so much more today with a little effort I have had terrific results without hardly trying.
   The first thing you need to do is find the best gasoline that would be pure gasoline that does not have ethanol. Ethanol does not burn as hot or as well as pure gasoline in gasoline engines.
   Remove as much weight from your vehicle as you can. The world record hypermiler who got 180+ mpg stripped every thing that wasn't bolted down out of the vehicle. Junk in the trunk will cost you about 1 mpg for every extra 100 pounds. I left the airbags and seatbelts.
   Narrower harder tires will give you better mileage than fat soft tires. Keep your tire pressure up if you can add a few extra pounds. The harder tire will get better mileage. I run at 5psi extra.
   Need for speed if you can keep it to 50 miles per hour instead of 65 you will save a lot more and increase your mpg.
   Aerodynamics the more aerodynamic you make your vehicle the better your mileage will be.  I have removed my side mirrors and antenna (it is legal here), to take more advantage of the flow, besides looking cool and custom I know this design modification improves my mpg.
   Hypermiling is great and it helps in my high mpg numbers, it is absolutely simplest way with no modification or cost. Coasting, you spent the energy and fuel to get up that hill. Why not coast and save some money going down it. This will improve your bottom line I call it FREE MPG! Once you have hypermiling down, the next thing is to modify your vehicle to get even higher mpg. It's all cumulative you can just keep bumping it up your mpg.
   Ignition Spark the more intense and spread out fire from your spark plug the better your combustion and mileage will be. I like the Halo Spark Plug from Arkansas available online; it is used in police and city fleet cars and trucks with an increase 8 to 23 percent mpg depending on the vehicle and driving habits. Remember its all cumulative the more you do the more you will save at the gas pump.
  Air intake the easier it is to get maximum air into your engine the more mpg you will get. I like aluminum cold air intake I have modified mine to get warmer air off of the engine to help with the vaporization of the gasoline.
  If you already are improving your mileage please post your discoveries and solutions. Together we can reduce our consumption of gasoline and turn this economy around through knowledge and education. Thank You!!! more at: