First the bad news: our octopus died. Climbed out over the astroturf, was found on the floor the next day. Very, very sad.

But, the consolation: on the same day, a dozen or so live market squid appeared in our lab, fresh from the spawning grounds, ready to lay eggs for research. They are beautiful!

The good news: a diver was pulling up some instruments and an octopus stowed away. Knowing my lab's love of all things cephalopod, this diver brought us the octopus, who is now adorably and safely ensconced in a very secure tank, and shortly to be stuffed to the gills with crabs and shrimp.

And finally, the awesome news: a friend of mine went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium and sent me this e-mail: OMG BABY CUTTLEFISH EEEEEEE. So I guess the cuttlefish eggs hatched? I will be paying a visit tomorrow! I may even remember my camera!