Future Train Wreck: Mine or Modern Physics talk Next Thursday, Jan. 26

If you are in Cambridge, MA on Thursday, Jan. 26, you can see me live at MIT in room 3-270 from...

Holiday Physics Card, 2016

Just put them in the mail on December 24...It was a fun year of thinking, whether the idea is right...

Unified Mathematical Field Theory Talk

I gave a 15 minute talk at a local Americal Physical Society Meeting.  Here is the title and...

Holiday Card 2015

Here is my holiday card for 2015, a tradition of mine going back to 1990.  Enjoy.On the back...

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Trying to be a semi-pro amateur physicist (yes I accept special relativity is right!). I _had_ my own effort to unify gravity with other forces in Nature. It ran into quite a number of technically... Read More »

A quick cross link to a great article on the Higgs boson search at the super liberal web site A very clear description of the issues. I particularly liked the stats. One other thing to note: the threaded discussion had 433 comments. Those folks know how to chat.[Note: Just saw my mug featured in a comment. I suggested if they were interested in the work, to follow my blogs on Cross pollination is good, hence all the dramatic readings on YouTube.]
The title is not a tease but is an exercise in abstraction. I spend most of my free mind time thinking about one or the other of these two subjects. Can I find any overlap in the research going on in these two? That was the challenge. I hope you don’t mind if I spend most of my time on sex. I will reach out to physics near the end.
Short post about this URL, a Google Doc spread sheet. Not sure if Google+ will take off and stay off the ground. I used Google Wave which disappeared into the sea.
If you are a
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then you might as well add your name to the spreadsheet. Any PR is good PR. It will help to have a google linke, try to get a label, then know your column URL from

Julian Barbour is an independent theoretical physicist who has gained some attention of late. Minkowski is dead. From my soapbox here, I will channel Minkowski in this gentlemen’s disagreement. Links to Julian’s work will be provided, they are worthy of your time. Nothing I say against Barbour’s ideas are personal, they are all technical in nature, as is my way. I have a bullet with “The Nature of Time” written on it. At this moment, I am not sure if it will kill the paper. I will have to find out and report the result at the end of this blog.
The game of quantum mechanics is rigged, but I will let you in on the rules. The wave function has all the information usually written as complex values. Operators are used to grab out different values from the wave function. Once you agree to those ground rules, the uncertainty principle and its Silent Bob twin the certainty principle are set in stone. It is the product rule of calculus that does it all. It is not the Wizard of Schrödinger behind the curtain, it is Isaac Newton or his not so silent contemporary Gottfried Leibniz.
I think of myself as non-violent, a purple guy in the blue state of Massachusetts.
When it comes to proposals in science though, I go for head shots. Nature doesn’t care if we keep repackaging bullshit. A well-fed bull does not run out of bullshit.

To stop a science zombie, a bullet to the brain is all that might stop it. I know from experience that the easiest person to fool is myself. I am on the lookout for bullets for subjects I speculate on.