Future Train Wreck: Mine or Modern Physics talk Next Thursday, Jan. 26

If you are in Cambridge, MA on Thursday, Jan. 26, you can see me live at MIT in room 3-270 from...

Holiday Physics Card, 2016

Just put them in the mail on December 24...It was a fun year of thinking, whether the idea is right...

Unified Mathematical Field Theory Talk

I gave a 15 minute talk at a local Americal Physical Society Meeting.  Here is the title and...

Holiday Card 2015

Here is my holiday card for 2015, a tradition of mine going back to 1990.  Enjoy.On the back...

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Trying to be a semi-pro amateur physicist (yes I accept special relativity is right!). I _had_ my own effort to unify gravity with other forces in Nature. It ran into quite a number of technically... Read More »


The strong equivalence principle is a stately beauty queen of an idea. In the simplest of dresses, she refuses to dance with any theory except general relativity. The mundane reason for mass is beyond her concern. My call own effort at unifying the symmetries found in the standard model with gravity "GEM" for Gravity and EM, not to be confused with gravitomagnetism which sometimes goes by the same acronym. A duality between metric and 4-potential theory extends a hand between a metric explanation of gravity and Newton's scalar theory moving up to a 4-mansion.

An obligatory cancellation in the GEM Lagrangian provides a field theory justification for the strong equivalence principle.
My work on gravity received a fatal blow in the Spring of 2007. A patient, creative exploration in the neighborhood of a deep truth might find an alternative expression to dodge the bullet that killed my math haiku. This blog tells the story.

The cranial trauma was caused by a vector current coupling term in the Lagrangian, JuAu. An analysis of the phase reveals the mediating particle is spin 1. Like charges repel for forces mediated by spin 1 particles. Like charges attract for gravity. Therefore my proposal "violently disagrees with observation." Gravity must be mediated by spin 2 particles so that like charges attract.Click or Skip a reading of this blog

Dark Matters from PHD Comics on Vimeo.

Sounds like they had a few physics grad students + Jorge Cham. A good and entertaining review of these major players on the cosmological stage. Note: dark energy is mentioned but not explored.

June 28 - Shoot It in the Head
Snarky puzzle. If you go down in a gravity field, time ticks slower, rulers look longer to someone else. That is 2 changes. Newton’s scalar theory accounts for just one, duh. Write a 4-potential that could account for both g00 and gRR. If you don’t want Newton to do all the lifting, combine a metric with a potential. Since mixing potential theory and dynamic metrics is blasphemy, expect to take a bullet for the team.
The Back Story: 
If you haven't already, go enjoy Hank's blog, "Higgs Boson - Forget Science, What Do Bookies Think?". He answered what was the most pressing question to me: one cannot bet that no Higgs will be found.

That is a shame, since all previous searches for the Higgs have ended up that way. If you lean that way, what should you do? I recommend buying the "No Stinkin' Higgs" t-shirt, in either white or black, for $15 + $3 US shipping, $10 international.