Bell's Future Quantum Mechanics - A Novel Interpretation

Hello! Years and years have gone by without a blog. For reasons I do not understand, I appear to...

Future Train Wreck: Mine or Modern Physics talk Next Thursday, Jan. 26

If you are in Cambridge, MA on Thursday, Jan. 26, you can see me live at MIT in room 3-270 from...

Holiday Physics Card, 2016

Just put them in the mail on December 24...It was a fun year of thinking, whether the idea is right...

Unified Mathematical Field Theory Talk

I gave a 15 minute talk at a local Americal Physical Society Meeting.  Here is the title and...

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Trying to be a semi-pro amateur physicist (yes I accept special relativity is right!). I _had_ my own effort to unify gravity with other forces in Nature. It ran into quite a number of technically... Read More »

Rocket science deserves its reputation as a difficult subject to approach. Relativistic rocket science is scarier still. If one tries to take this difficult, scary subject, and apply it to the way the biggest masses in all the Universe move, wouldn’t that be crazy? No, this idea is something that could get you certified. If you don’t know the difference between crazy and certified, well, neither did I before my 2 week vacation at Boulder Community Hospital. That story is too long to tell now.
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WARNING: This blog contains both ADULT language AND THERMODYNAMICS. If you are under 18 or do not like any laws that involve chaos, please leave by clicking on an ad to support this site.

Time and space are joined at the hip. I mean this in a completely naked, having an amazing animal experience together kind of way. A review of the history of physics will support this scandalous claim.
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Lacking the papers to prove I am a theoretical physicist, I have built something working class: a lunchbox

The box contains Yoplait Yogurt, Del Monte 100 Calorie Mixed Fruit, and White Cheddar Cheese Smart Food Pop Corn (note: all product placements are unpaid). The apple included indicates I work on gravity.

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Third graders enjoy clay and pipe cleaners. It might sound cruel to teach them graduate level graph theory most math Ph.D.’s have not seen, but I might get away with it if I uses the right craft supplies. Tell kids spinach is good for them. Children are right to skeptical, as I expect of my reader.

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I define the fringe as anyone trying to make a contribution to a field where they are not employed or do not have a degree in the subject.  I happen to be a fringe physicist because my degrees from MIT were in Biology and Chemical Engineering.  My current job is in software with no connection what-so-ever with physics.