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    Who is Stalking you on Facebook? Who is your biggest Fan? (Updated Methods).
    By Ed Chen | May 9th 2011 10:19 AM | 63 comments | Print | E-mail | Track Comments
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    Facebook has always been plagued with privacy issues, such as revealing to third parties personal information which may be used to sell you goods and services.  Recently it was denounced by the founder of wikileaks for being a platform for domestic and foreign intelligence services.  While to some, this may seem like an invasion, I like it when people try to sell me things, and I have no problem saying no.  If i'm really important enough to be monitored, I must be doing something right, and it only encourages me to keep doing it.  However, there is a far more insidious algorithm embedded in facebook.  By a few refreshes and a few clicks, you can easily see who has most recently been looking at your facebook profile, down to a timeframe of 36 hours, as well as who your overall top stalkers are.  Of course, they may not be exactly stalking you, but they are watching you.  

    There are now at least six methods to determine who looks at you the most, and these methods are all probabilistic rather than deterministic.  The first method is to refresh your profile page and see which friends appear again and again on your profile.  Typically, these are the people who look at your profile the most over a given time period.

    The second method is to invite every one of your friends to an event.  When you look at the three categories of people: 1) people who have accepted your invitation 2) people who are still waiting to reply, 3) people who have rejected your invitation, you can see the top 5 people who appear are the top 5 people in each category who look at your profile or pictures.

    The third method is to type in the first letter of each character in the alphabet on the search bar.  You will see that the first name which appears is either likely the last person you looked at, or if that is not the case, it was the last person who looked at you.  

    The fourth method is to create a note on facebook.  Share the note to your friends, and if anyone reads the notes, you'll see the names of their friends popping up, over and over.  The resolution of this method is a day to a week, though that is still indeterminate.

    The fifth method to determine who is looking at your profile is simply to look at your home page and see who your "top news" are.  The news feeds of your friends will mostly likely show up out of time order.  The order in which your friends news feeds pops up, including who pops up also indicates who clicked through to your links.

    These methods can be tested quite simply.  Just talk to that person who has been looking at you again and again and you will probably find an unexpected reaction, positive or negative, it will be strong.  You can also test this by sending someone an email and many times, before they even bother to reply to you, they will look at your profile and you will see their name pop up on the name bar as your last looker.

    Finally, you can just set up a few accounts, or ask your friends to look at your profile to see if I'm accurate.

    Even more scary, if you look at facebook's friend suggestions, more often than not those are people who you don't know who recently looked at your profile.  If you see someone who does not share any mutual friends with you, then you better watch out, because you might have a stalker on your hands.

    As of today, I believe you will find that I am correct.  However, who knows how long it will be before someone on facebook reads this article and asks the managers to change these settings.  However, given facebooks long history of furtively violating our privacy, how much can you really trust the Harvard Undergrads who cut each other's throats to get to the top (See facebook the movie)?  Remember what brought down friendster?  -- the window which showed you who last looked at your profile.  Once people know that you know they are stalking you, then the entire system collapses.  But the difference between Friendster and Facebook is that Facebook is not so honest to tell you who the last people who looked at you were, but they do it none the less.


    I think I am being followed on Facebook by my old neighbor. I have had NO FB interaction with him since May - he's tagged in maybe three of my photos, we have six mutual friends and 4 events in common, and I haven't visited his page for quite some time.

    He shows up on my Profile page practically every other day. I tried method number 3 after interacting with my friends whose names (either first or last) start with the same letter as his first name, and he is still ALWAYS the first one to show up.

    What is this then? A person, who is not even my friend and never was, shows up first in my
    search results. When I press the key "K" he shows up first every time. How do I get him deleted?

    Search & view the profile of a bunch of 'K' names (first or last, doesn't matter). Your views will move the 'K' visitor down and off the list replaced with 8 other 'K' names. Wait a few hours or at most a day for FB's servers to clear their cache. If the same 'K' name sill appears you might have a stalker faking someone else's name. Visit their profile, check them out to see if they appear "real" It might be someone you know. Contact them if you like. If no response after a week (and you've tried visiting other 'K' names to move their name down the list but that same 'K' name persists at the top of the list you might be justified in being unnerved. Select "Report/Block" in the bottom of the left column - no need to select any of the options (unless they harassed you in some way)... Poof, they're gone. That person with the 'K' name won't be able to find you using that same profile name anymore... They might open another account & continue snooping on you... but not likely.

    What do you do then if the same person shows up when you click on different letters. I have an acquaintance who appears when I type E, O and L. Does that mean that they are on my page all the time? I do go on to their page and they do show up on my friend list but I rarely ever show up on his...

    any more updates who views my profile with the new Facebook as of today Sept 20? I'm very interested on ur take Ed thanks


    any more updates who views my profile with the new Facebook as of today Sept 20? I'm very interested on ur take Ed thanks


    I have an ex that is no longer a friend as well as her best friend apparently stalking me. They show up first everytime I hit the letters L, V, C, D, K. I never look at their FB but they always appear on my search with the letters. Additionally, their friends appear as the second, third and forth people in the search consistantly. Is there a reason for that?

    Yes I'm sure you know why. When someone checks out your page, they appear as the first person. However, FB being the way it is it takes forever and a day to clear the results of the search bar. But yeah, these individuals have checked out your page for whatever reason.

    how can i get 2 see who spy on my fb

    Hi Ed, I just have a question. I am not sure whether you would see this or not.
    I also have the same issue as others. When I hit the random letters, a person who is not a friend of mine keep showing up first. But when is going to be cleared? Actually, a person who showed up front is not a bad person, but I don't wanna see him first.

    Current as of Jan 2012 for Search Bar tips:

    1. Ranking of names is most recent on top.

    2. The Search Bar letter search displays friends and non-friends whom you have visited or who have visited your profile. If the list is short FB sustitutes Friends of Friends, pages that you (or a Friend) likes or might like, sponsored pages (search for 'x' will result with Xbox pages)

    3. First letter of the first, middle or last name will list the same person.

    4. Common shortened names will result also. Example: Dick will result with 'Dick', 'Rich' or 'Richard'. Peter will result with 'Pete' & 'Peter'... etc.

    5. FB cache updates every so many hours - it never 'clears'
    - newer visitors (or profiles that you visited) will move older searches further down the list until they eventually are off the "top 8 people whom you have searched or who have searched you" list. The list itself may be thousands of people long (friends of friends and such) but only the top 8 are viewable.
    - Some FB users are more "active" than others... visiting or being visited by hundreds of people. High turnover visits will result with the Search Bar rankings appearing to be random... but it's only a snapshot of a moment in time. Hundreds of people may have visited and left without FB's refresh "snapshot" logging their visit in the top 8... their visit may already be ranked lower on the list.

    6. "People You Might Know" works independently of the Search Bar and the "Find Friends" pages.
    - "People You Might Know" is a combination of non-friends who have tried to view your profile and Friends of Friends (more mutual friends will rank them higher)
    - "Find Friends" is based on Friends of Friends (more mutual friends will rank them higher) and email search criteria (if you or anyone else who allows FB to search their email accounts for email addresses - "To", "From", "Fwd" and "CC" - FB will cross-reference with their list of login emails or close matches).

    thank you for your commant. It helps me a lot.
    I actually made a fake ID that names similar to one of the non-friend who shows up on the top on the search bar.
    With the fake ID, I kept clicking my name and have viewed my real profile. After about 20 times I did that, my fake ID began to show up on the bottom of the search bar. I guess it was the 4th person and that non-friend was still on the top.

    You know, among one of the non friends who shows on the search bar, currently, he and I have two mutual friends.
    About after a day he changed his profile picture, it has been updated easily even though I hit the first letter of his first name, E only. I haven't viewed his profile since about two weeks ago, but he is still on top and his new profile picture has been updated already to my account. With my "FAKE" ID, I actually viewed his FB account almost 10 times a day, but only thing I see is his old profile picture when I hit the letter, E. But his new profile picture shows up when I typed his full name.

    I would like to know why.. I think it's really interesting.
    If they don't look at me and I don't look at them, are they going to disappear on the search bar?
    When I looked at them first long time ago, they actually disappeared very easily because I viewed them only few times and that's the only history that I viewed them. But now, for some unknown reason, they are appearing on the top.............

    I have mentioned two non friends so far and both of them are on the top of the search bar.
    I would like to know when they are going to disappear. Probably, so far, no one would know, but you might know, I think.

    I'm still experimenting with the "Search Bar" and have inconsistent results also. It's not as cut-and-dry as one might hope it would be. The ranking sometimes changes after refreshing the browser. It might be a novel "random" feature FB throws in so people like us can't figure it out 100%.

    Higher ranking may result from you two "looking" at each other's profiles (and checking out any pages/photos posted) within X amount of time... or, as I contend - lots of visits from the other people.

    I don't have a good answer for why E's profile photo isn't updated. That IS odd.

    Your two non-friends can be easily disappeared by:
    1. Blocking them (extreme)
    2. Or by searching for dozens of random people whose first & last names begin with E's first and last name letters. Click around these strangers' profiles. After a day or two FB ranking system will lower E's name in the Search Bar until you don't see it any longer. If it disappears off the list this means that they & you aren't "looking" at each other anymore. This feels like work. It's time consuming and is only for curiosity's sake to see whether E will appear at the top of the list again - which might give an accurate assessment of if/when E last "looked" at your profile.

    Friends of friends may never leave the list entirely - FB might occassionally pop up your & their name on their's & your "People You Might Know" list re-igniting another "look".

    I'm willing to bet that if you checked out your "fake" profile and clicked around a bit, the ranking of the "fake" will jump to the top or at least higher than it is now.

    Meanwhile, be wary of what info you post publically... E could be the Russian teenager looking for useful personal info: Your Home Town, Favorite (or First) Pet, Relatives (Mother's Maiden Name) and other answers to common bank "security" questions.

    I'm not sure why the Profile image isn't updated. That's odd but doesn't seem malevolent.

    See if your "fake" ID goes up the search list if you "look" at it from your normal ID. Two mutual "lookers" will likely be higher on the search list... Not sure how long between "lookings" will cause FB to associate the two IDs as possible "friends". But the longer "interest" is shown from both sides the higher on the search list the IDs will be.

    To get rid of the "lookers" on your list:
    1. Block them (extreme but effective)
    2. Search for people with names that begin with the "lookers'" first and last names: John Doe, Jack Donaldson, Jason Dempsi
    - Click around the strangers' profiles (just to give FB the impression that you're genuinely interested). Their profile IDs should begin appearing on the search list after a day or two. Frequent "looks" at these strangers will lower the ranking for these two "lookers" on your list. These strangers might see you in their "People You Might Know" area and "look" back making their ranking on your search list higher if not at the top. Do this with 8+ different strangers per "looker". This is time-consuming and only suggested if you're curious to see if/when your "lookers" return (top of the search list)

    My search results have inconsistent results - sometimes the ranking is different after a browser refresh. I suspect that this randomizing is meant as a blind to disguise how the Search Bar really works.

    Thank you for your answer anonymous!
    I am trying to test. Since they are not my friends, I hope my friends appear on top.

    Have a good day.

    Bonny Bonobo alias Brat
    I'm inclined to think that people who are so concerned about who might be stalking them on Facebook(FB) probably shouldn't really be on FB, especially if it causes them a great deal of consternation. After all FB is a public, social networking facility, with over 800,000,000 users. Maybe people with these privacy concerns who are not confident at setting the privacy settings, would feel safer using MySpace because of 'Facebook's requirement that users give their true identity, a demand that MySpace does not make'.
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    There's always someone who abuses the goodwill and honesty of others... Whether it's a thug in an alleyway or a Russian teenager taking a break from homework to find all the key answers to bank security questions to some unsuspecting soul on the other side of the world... (and from the comfort of her own home) ... It's best to be aware that people can be watching from the shadows looking and waiting for a weakness. And better yet, it's far better to know that you can actually SEE that someone is watching... and possibly even who.

    can you tell if someone who has blocked you is still viewing your profile, even if they unblock you for a moment then re block you after they have had a peek?

    I haven't tested this scenario but conceivably once a person unblocks they can view your profile then block again without your knowing they were there unless you happened to be checking your Search Bar for "lookers" at the same time that they were "looking". Blocking and unblocking repeatedly isn't very practical. It takes 48 hours before the unblock goes into effect.

    holy..I always thought FB friend suggestion MIGHT work that way this article describes.
    Now THIS confirms my belief

    How do I view the friends names and amount of times my profile has been veiwed?

    Read the article above and read some of the comments to see who's visiting/who you're visiting. Frequency of profile visits (by you or them) will rank their name higher in the Search Bar results. This method is not exact - there is no way to know exactly how many times someone visits or what links or photos they clicked on. You can only tell who's your most ardent visitors are and how they rank with other visitors.

    Who is watching me

    Whos veiwing my page

    Whos veiwing my page

    Good nyt god bless xxx

    Good nyt god bless xxx

    Good nyt god bless xxx

    You can say THAT again... ;-)


    on the "Find Friends" page there are clickable options, ie home town, current city, etc. There is a clickable for 'mutal friends" where you can select friends and find mutual friends. why do the same few friends appear over and over again no matter how many times i refresh. it rarely changes and some of the people that pop up are not people that i interact with. any idea how they determine who should be displayed?

    No clue.

    It doesn't seem to make any sense - They aren't listed by number of "mutual friends" or even friends of the friends you interact with the most. Notice that suggested friends are never grouped together by "mutual friends" either...

    Perhaps these suggestions are based on people who do not have a large network already... FB might be helping them out increase their network... "popular" people with huge networks of friends may not feature high on the list (just a guess but it seems to pan out).

    This is a really interesting view and script for the search bar "results" based on who facebook thinks you want to interact with on YOUR own interactions


    working fine on chrome here - I cant remember clicking on half of the really low numbers and several of my "top" numbers are friends ive deleted, but had some interaction with. Although it dosnt specify if theyve clicked on you, very interesting nevertheless

    to add to this - i do have a number of people who i know i have never clicked on ranked higher than people who've been friends for years, some since i first opened my fb account!

    So I was friends with someone and then I unfriended them and I have blocked them off and on. Which I admit is really stupid. I have not visited their page for a couple of weeks and I just unblocked them yesterday. Now when I type in the first letter of their first or last name, they keep popping as a search suggestion. How can I get them off of there without blocking them? Does that mean they are looking at my profile or what!?

    Visit and click around on other people's pages whose names begin with your former friend's first and last name letters:

    If their name is Adam Smith then go looking for Alan Simson, Alice Salinger, Sean Anderson, Sam Atkins... etc. Doing this a dozen of times will lower your former friends' name far enough that it'll be off the immediate search list.

    Also: NEVER VISIT your former friends' page from now on. Visiting their page will throw off the search ranking results. If you see that their name climbs back to the top of the list it means that they're visiting, spending time on, and clicking around on your page...

    thanks for the reply. I just did what you suggested. how long will it take before their name stops appearing!? I haven't been on their page since. i doubt they have been visiting my page. I wonder why they come up every single time I type the first letter of their name though.

    Keep clicking around on the few replacement names. Eventually the old friend's name will begin to drop on the search list until it's out of view. It might take a day or two but eventually it'll work.

    Well I tried what you suggested and you were right, they did disappear within a day or so, but then the next day there they were right at the top of my list when I typed in the first letter of their name. Does that mean they are looking at my profile? who knows..

    Dam yo

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    I have read everyone of your comments and this has been a very interesting read for me. I've had more serious issues with facebook and my email accounts and my smartphone and I've been trying to do all the research on my own. I'm 36 and didnt grow up with the internet. We played Oregon Trail on an apple computer at school and that's all the knowledge I had up until last July. There's so much information you all have posted so I'm sure im going to skip some important things but I will (bookmark) here is another "evil" in this plot lol bookmarking. I digress. My first "real" phone was a Windows Surround i bought because it had Zune built in. Yes, I was very naive. Man, I wish I was born when my nephews were! First I had my phone, great! New phone never had one that did all this amazing stuff like surf the internet. Yes I was amazed. Let me put a few keywords out before I forget. Things that play into the factor of this yes, love story gone horribly wrong. Now remember I knew nothing before last July: What OS are you running on your phone.. how many email accounts do you have.... how many are linked or have been linked to facebook... What OS are you using on your computer.... What search engines do you use.... What browser are you using... Yes, I used Internet Explorer wow lol..... do you use https with facebook or the default http..... do you really understand security for your account... do you close all browsing sessions out or even check to see if you have multiple browsing sessions running..... do you check and see what search engine is being used in that browsing session... yes, it will tell you IE, Mozilla, Opera, iPhone, Windows, Android, do you own or use there devices and have ever logged in with them.... Do you check the IP addresses associated with them or location of login...I believe FB offers you the "ability" to shut everything down but thats just it you literally have to shut everything down. ex. logged into Google Chrome which I love and it will tell you you are logged into multiple locations.... There is alot and I mean alot of security issues with this because its not just facebook they all run in tandom with each other. I know nothing about code, nothing. I've had to teach myself how to decrypt it or read it because alot of the time its in a foreign langauge. This on the other hand has something to do with email headers. Now, I read the gentlemen above said something about using a keylogger on his own computer I never thought of that if it is as he says it logs everything since inception or the last time you put it back to factory conditions... which she did to me so im assuming it would be the last time it was put back to factory condition. I will defianately check that out next. I will say without being able to drive yourself nuts trying to get code into english so you can finally get a website out of it I would be lost. I tracked her use of my computer while she taught herself to be able to track my every move. Whatever you do do not use Remote Access unless you know exactly what you are doing! I am a normal guy and I thought she was a normal girl and i had no clue she knew all this stuff... Mine is a tail that will hopefully not happen to you because i never thought, well, it even existed. That nice little built in camera on your laptop..yea. I know I am all over the place with this but I'm just trying to throw some keywords out that might be of use. My Windows phone is what tipped me off to this whole plainly false relationship. I was a cop and no, there is not anything to do here... I've went over this lengthely with the FBI and they arer very smart about this security issues and even they said listen your a cop did you ever give her permission to use the phone or computer, well, sure. Gameover. Back to the Windows phone, Attrocious! The Android or iPhone is the only way to go. Youtube remote access alone using a phone and it will shock you. Now, mines more personal, she had access to my information but trust me its not hard to get off anyone. Your Junk mail, omg, most important mail you can look at. SO much information in each email. My point is you are naive if you think that fb isnt using your information, browsing history, etc against you. First there was fire. Then there was the industrial revolution, and now there are computers. Anything you want to find out you can. Human knowledge is growing at an exponential rate and doubling understanding every 13 months. Much more personal stuff to this story but it is nice to see, even though its looking at profiles or whos looking at yours im way off topic but its refreshing that people are interested in this. Its much larger. I now am changing careers because of this and getting my CCNA and eventually specialize in security. It was a blessing and a curse. My laptop now I am not in control of. Yes, theres a hidden profile the administrator profile that she hid that I could take off now but now I just search up the weirdest stuff and think of her reaction as somewhat of revenge lol. I know there's so many of you out there that are smarter than me on this stuff I've just been learning this on my own for roughly 6 long months because it wasnt until Christmas I realized she had control of my phone, email addresses, facebook, google+. This is the beginning and I'm sure it will get easier to secure your info but do not please think that fb doesnt know what they are doing with your information, browsing history(Jesus, Google+ letting you + things and fb letting you "like" things) oh so much to it thats just an obvious story of storing your browsing history without breaking the law. More like using you. I hate I cant put up the music i like or the books i read or the movies i love but most of us are in our infancy and dont know what we are doing and this information we are putting in is going to be stored forever. Use https use secure browsing I would hate anyone to see what happened to me happen to someone else. And oh yea, the windows phone, linking all your information automatically is how i started my path. She said she had a fb thats it... well she had a windows live account to that linked with a very provacative profile picture. Of course, she knew nothing about windows live LoL. I hope to hear someone smarter than me make sense out of my mumbling so I'll just post this now... (Sorry, still an idiot when it comes to computers i think i posted this like 6 times)

    this my page to know who view

    I like too know who's checking out my Facebook page

    This is innacurate.

    First of all, FB associate people with friends in common, or that belong to the same network, or geographical regions. In the search bar appears people who have friends in common with you, live in the same city, etc... The other reason is that you looked at those people's profiles, not that they are looking at you.

    I have worked as a community manager and I know that facebook also associates IP with FB accounts. It means that if a friend as logged into FB using your computer you might get suggestions associated with your friend account.

    Facebook makes a record of every single move you make, how many comments, how many likes, what you post, etc... and that generates associations between users accounts. So, the fact that in your search bar, or in People who may know, appears names of people you don't know doesn't mean that you are being stalked.

    And, of course, there is also the random factor!!

    I agree with you especially regarding "People you might know"

    I live in CA. An ex of mine lives in the UK. We are NOT Facebook friends. FB may have gleened her email for connections hence the reason why her name popped up in my "People you might know" and (conceivably) visa-versa - but - her girlfriends have absolutely no connections to me. They have NOT appeared in "People you might know" but they HAVE appeared time and time again in the top Search Bar. 8 of them. Over time, as FB friends and other strangers have visited my page the UK accounts have moved off the viewable list.

    Additionally, I somehow have gained a following from 4 people in Arizona. I don't know anybody in Arizona but they're there in my Search Bar vying with each other for top spot. I saw when my Venician friend's husband visited briefly and when my political friend's FB buddies visited also. Some people did appear in "People you might know" but others haven't... they arrived only in the Search Bar - which seems far more accurate for seeing who's visiting. If someone appears in the Search Bar that isn't a known friend or connected in any way then they did a search for your name, clicked on your profile and clicked around enough to appear on the list.

    My ex girlfriend who lives in the UK is not a malicious stalker. I'm flattered that she felt like visiting to see how I'm doing and shared with her girlfriends.

    But then there's the stalker - someone who meets the criteria. They were friends once but have been blocked for good reason. I've discovered & blocked over half a dozen fake profiles that have appeared on my "People you might know" and/or Search Bar. The names used for the fake profiles make it clear who this person is. This person hasn't contacted me, just seems to be inordinantly obsessed with silently watching.

    These aren't random. These aren't local. These aren't IP associations. They might be for "People you might know" but the Search Bar is decidedly a click-thru counter combining yours and the other person's combined profile click-thrus, then ordering from highest to lowest click-thru.

    'community manager' of what? Also, how do you KNOW that fb associates with your ISP?

    i would like to know who checks out my profile the most....

    There's something with the friend suggestions. A girl I liked from work came up, but no friends or groups in common and another girl I went on a date with a year ago, she had 1 mutual friend but it was just a pubs page.. Sewell there was a girl i knew but only made a Facebook account recently she didn't come up but her boyfriend did. The same with friends from another city from years ago but no friends in common. I think its a weird.coincidence, but i think with the girls are.more than coincidence though.
    Most of the suggestions i get have mutual friends though.

    i would like to know when an exfriend views my facebook page. How do I do this?

    Can your name pop up on someone else's search bar, even if your profile's set to unsearchable, and after they've visited your profile thru a third party name, while you're not on their friends list?????

    Curious, because I use a privacy test account to check my settings to my main account time to time. Tips are appreciated about this.

    Yes, your account name will show up on someone else's Search Bar regardless of your searchability settings. If you set your account for restricted searching anybody outside your network of friends will be able to find you using the Search Bar.

    1. A visitor not in your network but who enters your profile ID# or your custom URL in the browser address field or found a liink to your page via Google will not be restricted from getting to your page.
    2. Restricted searchability blinds the Search Bar from displaying any visitors who enter your profile ID# or custom URL. This isn't the case with non-restricted searchability.

    Just a couple things to consider.

    If you set your account for restricted searching anybody outside your network of friends will NOT be able to find you using the Search Bar...

    I am subscribed to this guys feed and I went on his page to look around his pictures and such. But I haven't gonne in like 3 or 4 days and earlier today when I typed the first letter of this name he didn't come up, nothing came up just some random apps. But, later on I typed the first letter of his name and he comes up does this mean he is looking at my page. Also his news feeds come up sometimes top or second and someone else will have news feeds they posted just a minute ago but his will come up on top even though he posted his post about 38 minutes ago. Does this mean he stalks me?

    The Search Bar list rank is based on both your visits and other people's. If both of you have visited each other then the combined click-thru's will make their profile higher up in rank.

    The list can become static: if you don't visit other people or other people don't visit you then the list won't change... even for weeks or months. If combined click-thrus to/from other people's profiles don't add up to greater than your click-thru's with your subscriptee then his name will perpetually be on top of the list.

    To see if a person is stalking you, DON'T visit their profile. Perform the experiment mentioned in the comments above (which is time-consuming). You CANNOT visit their profile during the experiment - the list rank results is thrown off if you visit their profile.

    In all likelihood your odd results (random apps) is a result of FB's inconsistent scripting. Your subscribee is at the top of your Search Bar list primarily from your visiting his profile. If he visited your profile it was to see who just subscribed to him. If you have interesting stuff worth revisiting then he might subscribe back...

    A couple visits on FB doesn't a "stalking" make. An open FB "subscriber" isn't a FB "stalker". The person who does NOT want their target to know that they're being watched is a true FB "stalker" - such as someone who hides behind a fake profile (disguise).

    By the way I am not friends with him I only subscribe to his feed and I still get these results.

    will it work if you want to see whos stalking other people?
    For example if an ex is stalking your boyfriend, if she was still fb friends with him, would she pop up more often on his profile?
    Or does it just work with your own facebook?

    I have noticed that every so often I type a letter in the search menu and not only do a list of people appear BUT the cursor automatically jumps down to highlight one of the people. I suspect this may be a person looking at my page at that moment. Is this a possible and legitimate explanation? It doesn't happen often. Thanks.

    I thought the same thing once upon a time. But the highlighted name is always where the mouse cursor is (arrow or hand), otherwise the top name is highlighted only.

    My Ex girlfriend Keeps popping up when i hit the M button in the search bar as # 1,2 or 3 does that mean she is looking at my page? cause id like to stop it if i could.