Dark Energy via a fifth force on neutrinos.

Dark energy is the biggest mystery in modern cosmology. When observations of distinct supernova...

An experiment to detect currents due to an Axial Force

In last weeks post,I introduced the Axial force, a force interacting between neutrinos, left handed...

Russians find new Particle, E(38) at 38 MeV

Russians at the JINR Nuclotron believe they have found a new particle, the E(38), as reported in...

A Fifth Force to explain the Handedness of the Weak Force

The weak force is the most mysterious force in the standard model, it is the only force thatisn't...

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Bright Energy

Bright Energy

Dec 28 2011 | comment(s)

   Astrophysicists have been looking for Dark Matter, something invisible but gives extra mass to galaxies since Fritz Zwicky measured the rotation of galaxies in 1930s. And looking for Dark Energy, something invisible in the space between galaxies that leads to gravity pushing those galaxies apart, since Adams Reiss and Saul Perimutter, accurate measured galaxies motions with supernova, in the late 1990s. But what astrophysicist rarely mention is that they have a problem much more visible and much closer to home. It is the Sun itself, and thus blindingly bright, but no less of a problem.
  After recent claims by Henry Stapp, I'd like to write about his violations of the Born Rule. For those who don't know quantum mechanics the laws come in two parts. First Unitary Evoluation. We start a set of amplitudes for a how likely each of a set possible occurances are, and write it as a column vector, describe a physical processes as unitary matrix that multiplies this vector, resulting in a output vector again describing how likely each set of outcome.


The Born rule is that the probability of observing a particular outcome  happening is