What hasn’t changed since 1969?
    By Robert H Olley | August 27th 2012 04:20 AM | 3 comments | Print | E-mail | Track Comments
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    Neil Armstrong changed the way we think of ourselves – but, oddly, not the way we think of the Moon, writes Daniel Hannan on Telegraph Blogs.

    But what I particularly like is the comment by one Maria Kay:
    I've toured the USS Hornet, now retired in Alameda, Calif. (That is the aircraft carrier that fished the Apollo 11 capsule out of the ocean.) There is a small museum of moonshot memorabilia stored on board.

    Among the items is a signed U.S. customs cargo declaration from that Armstrong had to fill out for the Port of Honolulu.

    The line for "country of export origin" reads THE MOON.

    U.S. bureaucracy--can't beat it.


    Terrific!  I have been to the Hornet also. I even slept aboard, it is a museum now and my son is in Cub Scouts (younger Boy Scouts) and one of our field trips was to the Hornet for an overnight visit, including searching for ghosts.

    But had I seen a customs declaration for Moon rocks, it would have taken my trip to a whole new level.
    Here is the customs declaration!

    This is truly otherworldly! Terrific!!!