Discovery: Hang Son Doong Cave in Viet Nam Big Enough To Hold A Skyscraper
    By Hank Campbell | January 4th 2011 02:21 AM | 5 comments | Print | E-mail | Track Comments


    I just discovered my a ho, anybody wants to know more of my discoveries?

    Howard and Deb Limbert going to name their discovery as Deb-Ho hole? Oh wait, the hole already has a name. Pompous climbers. Let's look up more Vietnamese holes.

    Great article - but one point: the cave was not "discovered" by the Limberts. Its confirmed discovery was by a local man in 2008, and may actually have been first discovered as early as 1991. The Limberts were the first scientific team to explore the cave, but they were not the first to learn of its existence.

    In science, the word discover is different than in the colloquial sense.  Obviously the caves have been there millions of years so there is a good chance someone else found them.    If I see a snake in my yard and it turns out to be a new species, I am credited with the discovery (in the science sense) though my neighbors could rightly say they have seen those snakes many times.
    It reminds me a trip that I made in Trieste Italy. That adriatic place is located near Slovenian border. In the amazing place, there is a cave named «Grotta Gigante» and it is 107m high and 130m long.

    That natural cathedral was made by the rains who disolved soluble rocks. The geologic system is called : Karst topography.