Double Standard - Why An Environmental Activist Changed His Mind About GMOs
    By Hank Campbell | February 3rd 2014 08:24 AM | 4 comments | Print | E-mail | Track Comments


    Mark Lynas was the first person to figure out that if he were the first person to jump from one side to the other he could make a lot of money and sell a lot of books, which he has. He has no scientific credentials of any kind and he has become an authority on genetic modification. This is "the science" that the pro GM people love to talk about.

    Funny how that works. Before he learned science, he was regarded as a world-renowned expert by environmentalists.
    Also the phrase:"They hate science more than they love children." is probably the dumbest thing I've ever heard a human being say in my entire life. Congratulations.

    Reality may make you uncomfortable, but if The Hague had any real credibility they would have the heads of Greenpeace on trial right now for their stance on Golden Rice. They are playing politics while kids are going blind and you throw useless insults instead of standing up to them, all the while acting like you care more than everyone else.