Harvard Psychology Professor Marc D. Hauser Announces Resignation
    By Hank Campbell | July 20th 2011 09:51 AM | 4 comments | Print | E-mail | Track Comments


    Hauser and Kanazawa are two names that most evolutionary psychologists avoid association with at all costs. This is a welcome improvement to the field.

    Well, yes and no.  Scientists are like anyone else.  Popularity is validation.    Kanazawa is/was the most popular blogger on Psychology Today - the public spoke - so a lot of people wanted to be more like him.   Hauser is less silly, obviously, but until this past summer virtually no one in the field was willing to criticize them.    Now, both have been soundly criticized by people in the field.  Evolutionary psychology may be dead anyway but people see 'psychology' and were also concerned about the entire field so it's good that the issue was addressed by peers of theirs and they didn't circle the wagons around them.
    It's nice to know that political correctness is alive and well in the psychology profession.

    This is a sign political correctness may be waning - or at least someone is attempting to make evolutionary psychology legitimate.   Too many kooky 'studies' based on a crazy idea and a survey of college students were getting patted on the head with 'your research is just as legitimate as mine' tolerance and it was killing the field.