Nothing says celebrating athletic perfection like a McDonald's hamburger.

Actually, elite athletes likely can eat all the hamburgers they want but you get the idea - a McDonald's, nay the world's largest McDonald's, at the site dedicated to athletic excellence is pretty funny.

But Brits are nothing if not funny.  And so they get a 3,000-square-meter McDonald's restaurant,  on two floors and equivalent to half the length of an American football field. 

Olympic chiefs have moved quickly to reject claims that the new McDonald's will deter from aims to promote a healthy and active lifestyle, which London chiefs have been pushing since winning the Olympic bid.

Agreed, McDonald's in in the junk food business, they don't make anyone buy it nor do they make parents buy it for their kids.   Big brother government like San Francisco banning Happy Meals is the antithesis of a liberal society.  Before you go into faux outrage at the idea, keep in mind the London Olympics will be the ninth consecutive games where McDonald's has acted as the event's official restaurant and the only branded food service retailer feeding the athletes.

And athletes have only gotten better in that time.

Oh the irony! World's biggest McDonald's to open... on the OLYMPICS site - Daily Mail