In Last Gasp For The UNFCCC And Climate Change Negotiations? I worried that the departure of sane people from the UN body tasked with...doing something about climate control...would mean only the full-on kooks would be left in attendance, so our chances of a science-based, non-scientization-of-politics solution would dwindle.

Too late.  I linked to the preliminary document for the Durban conference and it was so kooky as to be irrelevant. Turns out they came up with something worse; their somewhat pointless climate fund got fleshed out and now it calls for a 50% CO2 emissions reduction within the next eight years, which as we have seen will make a bad economy even worse, and they also added in a “more than 100%” reduction by 2050.

How is that even possible?  Well, it isn't. They seem to have lost their minds but, no, they are serious in the same way the living small people I wrote about were serious - those folks wanted to literally make humans a foot shorter.  This is almost as silly, since the only way to do it is get rid of all the armies, get rid of most of the people and then institute an “International Climate Court of Justice” that will enforce payment for 'climate debt' of countries, which will be everyone except India, Brazil, etc.  Oh, and the world's largest polluter, China, will remain exempt because they do not have historical climate debt.

If you put vegetarians in charge of a climate treaty for the UN, they would ban meat. The current recommendations are on the same level of silliness. Here's hoping we all just learn to ignore the UN. This climate problem is not going away but setting up silliness for opponents to easily shoot down is not helping.

Yet many activists said this impossible proposal does not go far enough, effectively eliminating them from any policy discussion.  Greenpeace resident hysteric Kumi Naidoo said, "Right now the global climate regime amounts to nothing more than a voluntary deal that's put off for a decade. This could take us over the two degree threshold where we pass from danger to potential catastrophe"

U.N. climate talks reach modest deal - Reuters