Minteye: Bye Bye Captcha
    By Hank Campbell | December 15th 2012 06:00 PM | 3 comments | Print | E-mail | Track Comments


    Solve Media and Google Recaptcha are the 2 heavyweights in the space

    We use Recaptcha here (Google bought them, they didn't develop it), you used it to leave a comment. But does anyone like them?  No. That, and their ease of cracking are why so many sites have switched to making people register.  We tried Solve media for a little while but people get an annoying ad and it pays nothing.  If we want to be cheated, we'd use Google Adsense. I wouldn't call them a heavyweight.  

    I liken it to MP3 players.  Apple did not invent them, they were not the heavyweight when they released the iPod and I already had two MP3 players, but they were were not really good. Unless everyone is switching to mandatory registration, spam captcha needs an iPod.
    Confident CAPTCHA is the one I find least annoying; it simply asks you to click on a few pictures. No typing involved, which makes it easy to use on mobile phones too: