If you don't believe in miracles, like that organic produce is nutritionally superior or that you can taste GMOs in food, the National Organic Coalition thinks you are on the take from slightly bigger Big Ag.

Even if you are the Obama administration's USDA, the $29 billion organic food industry thinks you are For Sale. 

In a new article, Carey Gillem at Reuters finds as many ways as possible to spin the story against GMOs - but, hey, this is the media group busted once again for distributing fake pictures and stories about Israel so it is nothing new that they slant their coverage - writing opinion as fact in sentences like "But there are a range of environmental and health concerns tied to biotech crops, and many farmers prefer not to grow them and many markets, both domestic and international" and yet there isn't much way to slant a USDA report about GM and organic foods, unless you dive into full-on crackpottery.

They're both basically just a process.  So if farmers want to insure that their vaguely organic food is never touched by GMOs, they should buy insurance.  That brought out the organic big guns, who think that if some crazy law passes for warning labels on GM foods they should be able to sue conventional food companies if their organic food has had GMOs all along.

Instead, the kookier segment of the organic industry says the 23 individuals from 16 states and the District of Columbia, who came from the organic industry and academia, the American Farm Bureau, corn, wheat and soybean industry organizations, grain companies, etc. are shills because they didn't set up yet another penalty framework for GMOs.

Here is one thing we all know; the minute organic food is under the same restrictions as any other food regarding transparency, most of them are out of business. So the scramble is on to still make money once it is found out how many GMOs, pesticides and synthetic ingredients are in organic. They basically want to be able to blame someone else for their own duping of the public.

Organic farmers condemn U.S. report, claim it favors GMO By Carey Gillam, Reuters