We have a cultural problem brewing.  Business is evil, when you are selling something to voters, but class warfare may have worked too well and so a week after Hostess decided to give up and sell its brands to someone who could make them without having to deal with union labor, and just before airport workers and Wal-Mart workers go on strike to piss off the public who just got done voting for the same candidate unions donated all of their money to, Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) has introduced a bill to remove federal tax deductions for marketing if that marketing includes 'junk food' aimed at children. 

Kelly Phillips Erb at Forbes grew up a lot like me.  Never had a Twinkie as a kid, nor Wonder Bread.  We saw the ads, they looked nice, but our parents did not have the money to buy name brand stuff that was on television commercials.  In my case, we bought cereal in giant bags.  No amount of advertising was going to get my parents to buy Twinkies. Kucinich believes in UFOs and is from Ohio and they made it clear they are going to vote for anyone who gives them government money, but his idea still lacks some common sense. If he kills more food companies, more union people are out of jobs. 

As always predicted, Twinkies will survive the holocaust, including the destruction of the company behind them. They just won't be made by union labor again. If politicians continue with their anti-business agenda, this could be a continuing trend.

As Hostess Folds, Congress Thinks of New Ways To Kill Snack Food Industry by Kelly Phillips Erb, Forbes