Ron Paul, Libertarians And...Scientists?
    By Hank Campbell | May 3rd 2012 03:42 PM | 1 comment | Print | E-mail | Track Comments
    A surprising number of scientists defy the 'liberal' stereotype and are more libertarian than they are given credit for (including by conservatives and liberals) - no surprise there, liberal and libertarian derive from the same root word for freedom and freedom is essential to quality science.

    Writing on, Cameron English interviews RealClearScience editor Dr. Alex Berezow, who argues that scientists and Ron Paul have a lot in common.  Not a shock, Paul had a good showing among academics.  
     I think more so than any other political ideology, libertarians are driven by a small set of easily defined beliefs (mostly based on enhancing personal freedom) with a focus on reality. This is similar to the scientific method: Rely on a small set of easily defined premises (the scientific method) with a focus on data. Libertarians, just like scientists, aren’t afraid to be contrarians. If the data doesn’t support a policy, throw it out.

    What Ron Paul and Libertarians Share in Common With Scientists  by Cameron English,


    Libertarianism is based on scientific method and axiomatic deduction.

    Proponents propose voluntary programs that are promising or proven to do a good job and better rights. The mother organization, the LIO, primarily champions scientific freedom and voluntary associations as a problem solving device; it has had many pioneering scientists among its Fellows. For more on what people are doing on voluntary solutions worldwide, please see