Vani Hari, "The Food Babe", has apparently made pretty good money selling pseudoscience to her audience. Obviously, almost anything she has said has been debunked by qualified doctors and scientists, but what was little realized is how much money she makes selling the ingredients she claims are dangerous.

No one's life is in peril, of course, because like her claims on microwaves and air travel, she is goofy, it just seems odd she only worries about a "2B carcinogen" (which applies to lots and lots of stuff,  the International Agency for Research on Cancer [IARC] has done 900 monographs on products and only found 1 that they didn't think is a carcinogen - that's why the UN shouldn't do science) when she isn't selling something that is a 2B carcinogen.

Starbucks caramel coloring containing 4-Methylimidazole  - a 2B carcinogen, so you are causing a zombie apocalypse having it in your house - is bad, but titanium dioxide in the sunscreen she sells is also a 2B carcinogen.

Now, scientists take from this that no one outside Natural Resources Defense Council, Union of Concerned Scientists, or (insert any anti-science group here) should take IARC seriously, but people making money for "The Food Babe" should wonder why 2B is not 2B.

The ‘Food Babe’: A Taste of Her Own Medicine