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    Lure of the Professor
    By Alex "Sandy" Antunes | August 13th 2011 10:16 AM | 1 comment | Print | E-mail | Track Comments
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    As I wrote on facebook (for the sign of a professional writer is 'reuse words often'):
    It's official! As of today I am Professor Antunes, an aerospace engineering assistant professor at Capitol College (capitol-college.edu), newest member of their full-time teaching faculty.

    A professorship is perhaps the only job for which I'd leave freelancing. It's 1/3rd the hourly pay rate and 3x the work, and I couldn't be happier. They also agreed to a reduced teaching load for semester 1 so I can finish my O'Reilly satellite eBooks. Woo hoo!
    Among the many congratulations was this trio of cautionaries:
    1. The only problem with teaching, is the students. 
    2. It's over rated. Can't you just call yourself professor? Or cololnel for that matter? It worked for col. Sanders.
    3. Being a professor is a great job, except for the students, the administration, and some collegues -but working in your area of interests is priceless  

    Humorously, they all came from the same fellow, himself a professor.  Teaching gets an odd mix of respect ('a noble profession') and disdain ('state lackeys', long hours with poor pay).  It's interesting to see being a student can often get the same dichotomy.

    For myself, I'm very happy to be launching into, what, career #4 now?  Four if you count being a student as a profession, that is.  And so the cycle is complete.

    Prof. Alex


    Congratulations! I think you'll do very well in academia. I've enjoyed my 10 years as an adjunct.