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    While one can't reasonably assume all corporations are corrupt, it is little wonder why so many people are adopting a much more cynical attitude.  

    HSBC got their hand slapped.  Of course, none of those responsible were charged with anything.

    AIG ex-CEO manages to reflect its disdain for tax payers (1).

    As I said, one can't simply reflect results like this on all corporations, but one thing is becoming increasingly clear.  If you are wealthy, or simply "too big to fail", then there are no legal repercussions, nor penalties.  Whoever said that "no one is above the law"?

    Of course, let's not overlook our pharmaceutical friends (2).

    On the lighter side, one can always consider the mass idiocy in rejecting something that is free.

    For those counting on the media to keep track of this, we have the "new skepticism".

    Welcome to the new oligarchy.
    (1)  Note, in fairness, while AIG was considering joining the suit filed by the ex-CEO, they apparently thought better of it.

    (2) Original article link


    I read about the AIG - just incredible. At least they didn't go forward with it. But just the thought...G!
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    Gerhard Adam
    The suit was brought by the ex-CEO of AIG, Maurice Greenberg, and that is still going forward.  AIG, itself, simply didn't join the lawsuit.

    Unfortunately, one can't help but wonder if they would have joined the suit if there wasn't such an immediate negative reaction to it.  In other words, did they not join the suit because they felt it was an affront to those that helped bail them out, or did they not join it as a PR move?
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    It is easy to suspect fear of bad PR is the main motivation. Did Maurice Greenberg loose his job because of the bail? Sounds strange that he is attacking the helpers? People are strange...
    Bente Lilja Bye is the author of Lilja - A bouquet of stories about the Earth
    Gerhard Adam
    Perhaps he did, presuming that "losing a job" when you're a multi-millionaire has much meaning.  I don't actually find his actions that strange, because it appears that [at least in the U.S.] there's a growing sense of entitlement on the part of the wealthiest.  There's sort of an implied sense that they shouldn't be subject to the same laws and considerations that the rest of the populace has to cope with.  It truly seems like the rise of a new aristocracy.
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