Out of 2.5 millions to 3.5 million plnats and microbe species ihabiting our earth all life depends hardly on 250 plants out of which only 40 are important. Out of this list only 10 plants make staple food including wheat rice, maize, soybean and some more. Although vedic literature lists 4000 plants of medicinal value but how many are documented in proper manner. Human life depends on almost 40 to 50 plants for its food and another 40 to 50 plants for its oil . If these plants become susceptible to some disease or vanish from earth can man survive. I cant even imagine life without eating bread made of wheat or some cant live without eating rice . Now plants interdepend on each other for life as man depends on other organisms for its life. If human gut will will not have mircroflora I dont know what will happen in medical terms but our body has useful microorganisms . Likewise plants also need microorganisms for their life. If some plants become extinct the mircorbial life supported by them will also go. Nature maintains a balance of power between all organisms Producers and consumers etc . If plants are getting extinct at a very fast rate though it may take million year or 100 million or only 100 year when the balance of nature can go out of control and this can lead to extinction of biological species getting accelerated. Human beings are also one of the nature biological species and part of ecysystem. He is a part of it and not master of it Plants are primary masters of and control all life on earth Choice is yours .