From July 2nd to the 9th, around a thousand particle physicists visit Valencia to take part in the 37th International Conference on High Energy Physics (ICHEP), which is been held every two years.

Among those attending the Conference will be Alan Guth, the founding father of the cosmic inflation theory which occurred moments after the Big Bang and was recently confirmed through the detection of the effects of the gravitational waves, over the polarization of the cosmic microwave background as it was stated in a study recently published by the BICEP2 experiment and François Englert, co-inventor of the Brout -Englert-Higgs mechanism, which explains the origin of mass and led to postulate the existence of the Higgs boson for which he received the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2013.

One will likely be the BICEP2 experiment, which claimed primary evidence of the cosmic inflation process that occurred in the first moments of the universe after the Big Bang. Particle physicists speculate about the possibility to overcome the current Standard Model in the near future, which according to Juan Fuster, member of the Institute of Corpuscular Physics (CSIC-U Valencia) and co-chairman of the Conference, "even though it explains almost all the measurements made to date in a wide variety of experimental facilities, it still leaves too many questions unanswered which suggests the need to extend and modify it. The ability of new models to overcome these difficulties, such as supersymmetry, technicolor, extra dimensions, etc.., will be contrasted with new experimental data".